Baby names 2019: Top boys and girls monikers this July

When it comes to picking the right name, mums and dads are often inspired by the date they welcome them into the world.

This leads to some basing their baby name selections on their birth month.

While autumnal options trended in October, festive monikers saw a rise in popularity in December.

So what are our top picks this July?

This July, many parents are bound to be inspired by the hot weather.

Cyrus and Dayton are monikers that mean sunshine, so they’re very apt for this time of year.

Mums and dads may also be inspired by the birthstones, zodiacs and flowers of the month.

Lily and Ruby are among the options that could see a spike in popularity.

So would you pick any of these choices for your little one?

Our top baby name picks this July

1. Cyrus – A Persian name that translates as “sun”, making it an apt choice for summer babies

2. Dayton – An English moniker that means “bright and sunny town”, another clever choice for July

3. Genevieve – We all like to be beside the seaside in the summer, so why not pick this name that means “white wave”

4. Julius – Inspired by the month of July

5. Juliet – A romantic moniker associated with Shakespeare and the name of this month

6. Leo – A star sign that falls between July and August

7. Lily – Birth flower for the month of July

8. Luna – Moon Day takes place on July 20, so why not play homage to the occasion with the name “Luna”

9. Ruby – Birthstone for the month of July

10. Summer – It’s the season that this name thrives

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