Balding man sobs after hair transplant that completely changes look – and life

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A balding man who went viral this time last year for tearing up after seeing the results of his hair replacement says his life has now changed.

Adam Sinclair’s hair began receding aged 17 before he lost most of it two years later.

But last August the former bus driver had a hair system fitted to transform his appearance before his emotional reaction to it was viewed by millions of people.

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And the once insecure 30-year-old, who was previously mistaken for being a lot older, has now spoken exclusively with the Daily Star about the benefits of having a full head of hair.

He said: “To be honest, my whole life has changed. It has felt like going from the background character to being the main character.

“There is now a massive difference with my confidence and mental health. The reason I think I cried in the video is I don’t think I realised how much it was affecting me.

“I cried because I didn’t recognise myself and I was happy with what I saw. I am just very happy now and my only regret is not doing it earlier. I’m now making up for lost time.”

A hair system lasts six months and it is a cap covered in real hairs that is glued to your head and Adam’s £350 one was fitted by Novo Cabelo owner Rob Wood.

And for Adam, who is from East London, having hair again suddenly made him a big hit with the ladies – and now has a girlfriend.

He said: “It was going from chasing to being chased. It was quite strange I must admit. It felt like the table had turned between men and women.

“I did go on a few dates to be fair. I was definitely a lot busier than I’ve ever been on a Friday and Saturday night.”

But the time Adam enjoyed playing the field has now come to an end – after he bagged himself a girlfriend three months ago.

And he said it would not have happened without his hair replacement.

Adam explained: “We met in a bar and just hit it off and it has been really lovely.

“I was quite open about the hair and she couldn’t believe it. And I would say that I wouldn’t have approached her beforehand.

“I was definitely more on the apps than I was in person whereas now I can go up to someone.”

And it is a big step forward for Adam who used to be anxious about talking to strangers.

That's because often he would notice their eyes drift up to his head mid conversation.

People would also tag him in mock spot the difference videos online showing a row of eggs and a bald head.

But his mates have been “really supportive” since the change – as have fellow West Ham United fans.

He said: “I have that confidence now where even if I go to West Ham I talk about it there.

“You might think they are a bunch of reprobates but they are really supportive. My biggest fear was being at West Ham and someone behind me starting a chant that I’m wearing a wig but they have been so supportive.”

Adam, who was a bus driver but now works in recruitment, spends 10 minutes every morning styling his hair.

He uses texturising creams and he joked: “I’m a pro with a hair dryer now too. When I first got it done it was like learning how to drive again. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Although delighted he now has locks, Adam said he was “robbed” of his years between the ages of 19 to 29.

And he is now encouraging other balding Brits to do something about it.

“I should have done this five years ago,” he concluded. “Times have changed and there is a lot less stigma now.

“Men are looking after themselves and taking care of their appearance.

“I would tell anybody considering it just to take the plunge because it’s definitely life-changing.”

He added: “I have been on holidays, gone swimming and been to the gym and people think it’s going to be this fragile thing but it's really not. It's so good.

“And it’s just strange now having a relationship with a hairdresser again.”


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