Batchelors Super Noodles have shrunk from 100g to 90g packets — but price stays at 80p – The Sun

SUPER Noodles have become the latest victims of “shrinkflation”.

Batchelors have shrunk the  100g packet to 90g — but the price has remained  at 80p.

The firm’s Super Rice and Pasta ’n’ Sauce packs have also downsized.

A spokesman for brand owner Premier Foods told trade magazine The Grocer: “Rather than raise prices we chose to reduce the size of some packs.”

The Office of National Statistics says that more than 200 popular products have been targets of “ shrinkflation” since 2015 as companies cut costs by reducing the size of packs while keeping the price the same.

They include a host of family favourites such as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes as well as sweet treats like Malteser’s, Toblerone and M&Ms.

The worst shrinkflation offenders

HERE are some of the biggest brand names that have shrunk products in the last few years:

Andrex toilet rolls – In 2017, two-packs shrunk from 221 sheets to 200

Creme Egg Multi-Packs – In 2015, the packs shrunk from six eggs to five

Mars bars – In 2013, bars shrunk from 58g to 51g

PG Tips – In 2015, boxes of 80 teabags shrunk from 250g to 232g

Surf washing powder – In 2015, packs shrunk from 2kg to 1.61kg

Terry's Chocolate Orange – In 2016, the treat shrunk from 175g to 157g

Toblerone – In 2016, bars shrunk from 400g to 360g

Walkers crisps – In 2012, packets shrunk from 34.5g to 32.5g

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