Britain’s most tattooed man insists eye ink ‘isn’t to blame’ for sight problems

Britain's most tattooed man is convinced new issues with his sight were not caused by his eye ink.

Matthew Whelan, more commonly known as King of Inkland King Body Art, spent years on his incredible tattoo journey.

The 43-year-old splurged over £25,000 on his obsession under the needle with 90% of his body covered.

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But the Birmingham man has also undergone more extreme procedures like having his nipples removed and the whites of his eyeballs inked black.

However, he has now opened up to fans about his eye health after struggling with his eyesight over the last year.

Speaking to his fans in a candid video, he said: "I have an eye test every 12 months. I had warning signs of cataracts in both eyes last year.

"Nothing to do with the sclera stains the ink in my eyeballs, but yet again, the signs are there. I'm quite young for cataracts, but the early warning signs are there."

He then assured fans that the optician "isn't really concerned at the minute and it can be treated".

But doubling down in the caption, he continued to assure fans his eyeball tattoos weren't the cause of his diagnosis.

He added: "First sign of any issue with my eyes since being inked 12 and 13 years ago and been advised by the optician that it's not affected by the eyeball or ink it's other health and that I have early warning signs of cataracts which is quite soon for someone of my age group.

"The medical condition can be treated luckily with a 10-15 minute open surgery to the lens of the eye where they cut and insert and that sounds like an absolute nightmare well it's very important to have your eyes tested every 2 years I have mine done yearly because of the unique surgical procedure I had done to mine."

Instagram fans immediately took to the comments to send suppirt to him following the news — with some users leaving hearts for him.

A user said: "I’m 29 and got diagnosed with early onset cataracts. Surgery is really really easy. Good luck mate."

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