Brooke Shields' Daughter Just Smacked Her In The Face With A Backpack For TikTok

  • Brooke Shields stars in her daughter’s latest TikTok video.
  • Her daughter, Rowan, intentionally smacked her right in the face with a heavy backpack.
  • Rowan burst out laughing, while Brooke tended to her busted lip.

TikTok is an endless source of entertainment and instantly iconic dances. Naturally celebs of all ages have hopped on the latest challenges, though some unknowingly. Brooke Shields got in the middle of her daughter’s TikTok video and barely made it out.

I’ll set the scene for you: Brooke and Rowan are sitting in the front seats of a car. It’s silent aside from a zipper sound as Rowan pulls her backpack up to the front. She rummages around in it for a few moments before slinging it into the backseat. In the process, she nails her mom’s face.

It’s so funny. I can’t stop watching. It’s okay, though. I’m laughing with Brooke and her daughter. Well, at least her daughter is laughing uncontrollably. She reached the inaudible level of laughter, folks. Brooke on the other hand may have a busted lip and clamped both hands over her mouth.

Brooke added in the caption: “so apparently this was for a tik tok… 😂 utter disbelief!” Yep, the backpack smack was intentional. Rowan confirmed it in the clip, as well, and also asked her mom, “Are you bleeding?”

Brooke responded, “What an asshole move. What do you have in your bag? I’m going to have a fat lip.”

Last month, the mother-daughter pair was lip-syncing Mamma Mia in bathrobes. It’s safe to say things have escalated quickly.

Brooke didn’t have any visible cuts or bruises (yet) from the backpack incident. Commenters called her a good sport for putting up with the stunt. Here’s hoping the next TikTok challenge is less full contact sport for Brooke’s sake.

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