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Jane Hamilton, property expert

ALMOST two million of us have complained about planning permission applications since 2016.

On average, every application receives two objections. So if you are trying to get plans passed to improve your home, what is the best way to head off rejections? Here are the top tips from the UK’s Planning Portal.

CREATE QUALITY DESIGNS: To maximise the chance of getting planning permission, prepare clearly drawn plans that reflect not just your wishes but local planning policy, too. Use an architect with local experience.

RESEARCH RELEVANT PLANNING POLICIES: Local authorities look at material planning considerations, which can include loss of sunlight, noise or disturbance and traffic generation. Work out which ones will influence your application and write a design and access statement to convince the local authority that your proposal complies with the relevant policies.

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PLANNING OFFICER: This person will most likely be responsible for making the final decision on your application. Listen to what they say and be prepared to adapt your plans so they pass.

CONTACT ALL RELEVANT PARTIES: Talk to your neighbours before you apply. You can factor in changes that could stop them objecting. Show them drawings before you submit your plans, so they hear from you, not the council, first.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Many people decide not to hire planning consultants because they think not doing so will save them money. In fact, hiring a consultant can be a worthwhile investment that actually saves money, time and effort. Planning consultants can handle all technical issues that might arise. Look for a RIBA chartered architecture firm. Find out more at

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