Caitlyn Jenner Reunites With Kardashian Family For New Docuseries

Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly signed on to participate in an upcoming documentary series centered around the Kardashian family.

Having been formerly married to the head of the family, Kris Jenner, Caitlyn will be one of many individuals providing “direct accounts” in the show titled “House of Kardashian.” “The Kardashians stand out as the preeminent emblem of our era, simultaneously generating admiration and polarization,” states the synopsis.

“For certain individuals, they are revered as a lineage of influential women, sparking inspiration among girls worldwide. Conversely, they are perceived by some as unskilled and ethically lacking reality celebrities, accused of promoting a shallow fairy tale by showcasing their lives.”

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This trilogy on Sky Television will delve into the ascent of the reality TV empire and is poised for autumn broadcast, although the exact release date remains unconfirmed.

“House of Kardashian” will incorporate previously unreleased archival footage, featuring insights from the inner circle, including Jenner.

It’s unclear how much Caitlyn is making from the new docuseries, but the Kardashian-Jenner family is known for their high reality television salaries. The salaries fluctuate based on who has more screen time, but it’s been reported that some of them make a million per season. So, it’s likely that Caitlyn is getting a decent pay check for the new docuseries.

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Caitlyn has previously expressed regret for not being included in the family’s ongoing Hulu reality show The Kardashians. The Olympic athlete stopped appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2019 following comments she made about Kris Jenner in her memoir.

“I was there when this started from day one. I watched it grow. And doing the show for almost 20 seasons was one of the highlights of my life,” Caitlyn tweeted last year ahead of the Hulu show’s debut. “To be able to work with my family for all those years, connect with the fans, it was incredible. Happy that it continues for my family.”

Debuting in 2007, KUWTK saw its premiere, and in September 2020, the family made public their decision to conclude the show. Merely three months later, the family entered into a multi-year agreement aimed at “developing worldwide content,” set to be exclusively streamed on Hulu within the United States and across various international regions.

“House of Kardashian” is only the latest television program from the famous family, and given their past success, it’s bound to be a hit amongst fans, too, especially since the family is bringing Caitlyn back.

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