Cannabis mums wont hide love for weed – some say it makes them better parents

A growing number of parents dubbed 'Ganja Girls' are flooding social media with steamy snaps and messages claiming smoking cannabis is making them better parents.

The smoking hot babes also post pictures of themselves getting high on wacky backy while wearing outfits that leave little to the imagination.

And they're fairly open about their drug habits to their children, sometimes even telling them weed is "mumma's little helper" on hard days.

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Here, Daily Star takes a look at the women who smoke cannabis and believe it makes them better parents.

Caitlin Fladager

Weed-smoking Caitlin Fladager hails from Vancouver in Canada, where cannabis is legal.

On her Instagram, which has 606,000 followers, she's honest about the fact she smokes weed and doesn't care what trolls say about her.

And now she's made it clear once again that she enjoys a spliff, even while parenting her two young kids.

In a clip posted to her social media platform revealed why she told her six and eight-year-old kids that she smoked weed.

She added: "It is medicine, and I want my kids to know about more natural options.

"I want to always be open with them, and reduce the stigma weed has.

"I never hid drinking wine from them, so I won't hide weed either. They know it as 'mumma's little helper' on those hard days."

And in the caption, Caitlin also wrote: "I have always been open with my kids. Especially about this medicinal plant."

Clara Barber

Clara Barber is one of a growing number of women promoting their businesses by posting racy pictures of themselves with marijuana on Instagram.

Clara, who started smoking the drug aged 17, owns her own smoking and glass accessory store, known as a head shop, in Grand Junction, Colorado, US.

She believes weed should “not be abused” but could “help many people” if it was prescribed in the UK as a “more healthy safe alternative” to other drugs.

Currently cannabis is a Class B substance that is outlawed in the UK despite it being one of the most widely used drugs across the country.

She is relaxed about smoking the “safe” drug while around her kids, both aged five, though does not light up in the same room.

She said: “They know what it is, why I have it and that it is not for them.

“They are not allowed to be in the same room like my bedroom when I am smoking.

“They know it's Mommies medicine. I have cannabis in my home safely, because as an adult it is up to me to be safe for them.”

Danielle Simone Brand

Danielle Simone Brand decided to try cannabis a couple of years after California legalised it in 2016.

The 42-year-old found it left her feeling “better and more embodied, happier in my body and mind”.

She saw legal cannabis as a wellness tool and said she quickly liked how using the substance herself bettered her ability to parent her two children, aged 8 and 11.

“Cannabis helps me in certain transitional moments,” she explained.

“I can more easily set aside my workday to-do list, along with whatever challenges and frustrations I've experienced that day, and get into the kind of headspace where I can patiently help with homework or make dinner with my daughter.”

Danielle, a journalist and author, says cannabis helped her slow down enough to linger with her kids at bedtime.

She says ‘cannamoms’ like her aren’t a new phenomenon – she has seen years of mothers using cannabis to parent.

Latresse Thomas

American Latrese Thomas says she combines cannabis and parenting her three children “the same way people do wine".

The mum-of-three says cannabis helps her "manage her anxiety as a mom."

She told the BBC: “After a long day with the kids – especially during the pandemic, when I was home with all three of my babies, all day – once they were asleep, I was running a bath, dropping some cannabis bath salts in my bath and also vaping cannabis.

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"Cannabis helps to manage my anxiety as a mum.”

She says she was careful about who she told about her cannabis use, as she feels judgment is unfair and hypocritical.

She added: “You have wine-drinking moms, meeting up for ladies’ night at the bar or playdates at their house and there’s alcohol available while kids are around. If I were to be like, ‘Let’s have a smoke sesh’… everyone would be like, ‘There’s kids in the house!’”


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