Carter Faith Talks Touring With Keith Urban and Teases Debut Album (Exclusive)

"He's so inspiring to watch as a musician, and he's just like a real person," Carter gushed. "Getting to see him for the very first time, getting to open for him, was a highlight for sure."

When it comes to the world of country music, the sky’s the limit for singer Carter Faith.

After opening for stars like Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Willie Nelson and Kip Moore, Carter had another bucket list moment over the weekend when she opened for Keith Urban.

Performing during his Atlantic City tour stop, Carter spoke with TooFab about the experience and shared why he’s already become one of her favorite artist to tour with.

“All the shows have been so different, but I guess since I just came off the Keith weekend — it was one of my favorite weekends for sure. I had never seen his show before, but everyone was like, ‘You’re gonna die when you see his show. It’s like a rock show, it’s so good.’ And it’s so true,” Carter gushed.

She continued, “I watched every single second of all three nights that he played. He’s so inspiring to watch as a musician, and he’s just like a real person. I love how he stays on stage after the lights come up and he signs stuff in the front row. So, getting to see him for the very first time, getting to open for him, was a highlight for sure.”

The shows are prepping the 23-year-old singer for a headlining tour of her own, with Carter working on her debut album due out shortly.

While she isn’t able to tease much about the album, she couldn’t hold back her excitement when discussing the upcoming project.

“I’m so excited about my album. I’m really, really proud of it. I feel like it’s a vast array of all the genres I love, while still giving country, still feeling fully me and my words,” Carter explained. “I’m really excited.”

Carter’s debut album comes on the back of her new single, “Carolina Burns,” which dropped Friday. The soulful single harkens back to Carter’s North Carolina roots and the relatable, old as time tale of heartbreaking young love.

“It’s just a weird feeling growing up and missing the place you were from — maybe for the first time. ‘Cause for me, I was dying to get out and go to Nashville and do this thing. And so it’s just like a weird feeling after a couple years of living in Tennessee, and starting to see home in a different way than I had seen it in so long,” she shared.

Carter continued, “And thinking about high school relationships that are so, not earth shattering, but they feel like it because it’s the first time you’ve felt that way. Obviously, it’s not groundbreaking to look back on high school and where you’ve come from, but I think I struggled with that feeling of feeling grateful for it and still bitterness towards it in ways, so I wanted to write about that.”

As for what’s ahead for Carter, the “Wild” singer said she just wants to keep making music for as long as she can.

“Putting out music that people connect with has been so special. Getting to go on the road — this weekend I got a friendship bracelet from a fan for the very first time that she made for me, and that is just crazy,” Carter shared. “We’ve never met and she feels connected to me, and I feel connected to her because of music.”

She added, “I just hope I get to do that for 10 more years or one more year, or however long I’m supposed to.”

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