Cat owner left in stitches at 'naked lion' after trip to the groomers

Pet owners know the importance of a good groomer.

A professional knows exactly how to wash and style the mane, meaning owners usually don’t have to worry about the end result.

Sometimes though, it can be disastrous for the owner and their furry friend.

And this is exactly what happened to one cat whose owner shared the less than desirable final reveal on Reddit.

The title of the post read: ‘I got my girl groomed. This…is not what I was expecting. I can’t stop laughing.’

Looking like a ‘naked lion’, the cat endured a trim that left hair on her neck and face, but removed it on her bottom half completely.

The post has received nearly 1,000 comments and Reddit users couldn’t help but sympathise as well as laugh at the outcome.

‘I’m actually in tears from laughing so hard. Thank you for this! Poor kitty’s still trying her best to maintain her dignity from the head up,’ wrote one user.

‘She has lil saggy boobies,’ joked another.

Some tried to make sense of what exactly happened at the appointment.

‘They went surprisingly long on the lion cut. I have a friend with an older long hair kitty out in Cali so in the summer he always gets her a lion cut and it’s honestly flipping adorable (and hilarious but so cute.) The length thing here that’s giving the photoshopped look is…an interesting choice,’ pondered a third commenter.

While others offered cat grooming tips to help avoid a similar occurrence in the future.

‘Teaching her to love being groomed will help as well. We finally had to shave our longhaired cat when she was around twelve for health reasons. Thankfully she was calm enough for me to do it. I just shaved her body, left her leg warmers, a floofy tail, and a lion’s mane,’ advised one user in the know.

Meanwhile, in a reply underneath the picture, the original poster explained the cut was ‘necessary’ for the feline’s health.

‘She has very fine fur that mats easily, despite my best efforts to brush her almost daily,’ they wrote.

‘The shaving was necessary. It’s also very hot here & this makes her feel better.’

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