Celebration's Christmas advert shows a lonely bounty looking for love

Who needs Love, Actually? Hilarious Celebrations ad pokes fun at festive rom-coms as unwanted Bounty chocolate finds love with a Brussels sprout

  • Mars Wrigley have launched hilarious Christmas advert ahead of Festive season
  • Shows a sad Bounty, least liked Celebration chocolate, which is unlucky in love
  • The advert is reminiscent of movies like Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary 
  • ‘Bounty Return Scheme,’ can be swapped for Maltesers Teasers in January in UK

A Bounty looking for love is the unexpected hero of this year’s hilarious Christmas advert for Celebrations. 

Mars Wrigley is launching a ‘Bounty Return Scheme’ across UK this year, after research found Bounties are the least loved Celebration chocolates. 

The brand is offering to swap the unwanted Bounties for Malteser Teasers – the best loved Celebration pick – throughout January in selected stores. 

An advert promoting the scheme shows a sad Bounty looking for love, in a funny spot reminiscent of seasonal romcoms like Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary. 

The advert, set to an emotional folk song, also pokes fun at sentimental adverts like the John Lewis offering, which was branded ‘too woke’ by fans this year. 

Mars Wrigley have released a hilarious Christmas advert to promote their Bounty Return Scheme, where people will be able to return their unwanted Bounties to the shop and swap them for Maltesers Teasers in January in selected stores across the UK

In the hilarious advert, an unlucky Bounty cannot find love, until he meets a Brussels Sprout, pictured 

In the advert, the Bounty is repeatedly unlucky in love in spite of creating profiles on dating sites saying he wants to ‘be loved for what [he is].’

Several scenes show how the chocolate is ignored by a passers-by in a park and is not picked to dance at a party. 

Another scene shows that the poor Bounty has been stood up by his date at a restaurant, before crying in front of a pizza at home. 

But the chocolate’s luck begins to turn for the better one rainy night where he spots a Brussels sprout waving at him through his window. 

The advert takes cues from popular romcoms, including Bridget Jones’s Diary, and sees the Bounty crying at home in pink slippers 

The Bounty is constantly rejected by people in the advert until he meets the Brussels Sprout, pictured

Later, the sprout rings the Bounty’s doorbell in a scene taking a cue from Love Actually’s famous scene.

In the movie, Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, tells Keira Knightley he loves her with messages written on white cardboard signs. 

The sprout tells the Bounty she does not love the other chocolate found in Celebrations boxes – which include mini Sneaker, Mars, Twix and Milky Way bars, among others – but only loves Bounty. 

Having finally found the soulmate he’s been waiting for, the Bounty takes the sprout by the hand and they head into the night together. 

Mars Wrigley’s advert recreates the famous Cardboard signs scene from Love Actually, pictured 

People will get to swap their unwanted Bounties, pictured, for Malteser Teasers this year, which were voted the top Celebration chocolate pick 

The advert ends on a message reading: ‘Not every Bounty is so lucky… but we can help. Return your unloved Bounty’s this January via the Bounty Return Scheme.’

Cemre Cudal, Mars Wrigley’s Head of Christmas said: ‘Our film highlights a love affair between two outsiders – Bounty and Sprout. The unlikeliest of couples but, nonetheless, a love for the ages,’ he said.  

‘I defy anyone not to fall in love with Bounty after they watch this heart-breaking film. And if after all that, you still can’t bring yourself to love a Bounty this Christmas, we’ll take them back as part of our Bounty Return Scheme in January.

‘Because no Bounty should be left alone at the bottom of a Celebrations tub,’ he added.  

An unlikely pairing! The tongue-in-cheek advert see two unpopular Christmas treats find love with one another

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