Christmas stockpilers insist they are not selfish

Christmas stockpilers who started preparing for this December in JULY admit they buy too much – but insist they’re not selfish or stopping others from doing their own festive shopping

  • Rachel Marsden, from Leeds and Pat Smith, East Midlands, are stockpiling
  • Bought presents and snacks ahead of festive season, even starting buys in July 
  • Rachel admitted she bought too much, but wanted the day to be special
  • Denied was being selfish and said was not keeping others from getting gifts

Two Christmas stockpilers insisted they are not selfish on today’s This Morning, in spite of hoarding presents and food for this year’s festive period already. 

Rachel Marsden, from Leeds and Pat Smith, from the East Midlands, have both already amassed an impressive amount of gifts and snacks for their respective families, starting as early as July. 

Rachel, who admitted she spoils her children each year at Christmas, denied she was being ‘selfish’ and added she doesn’t keep other people from getting their own presents. 

Pat, meanwhile, explained she stockpiles crisps, cookies and other snacks to make sure her family won’t go without at their next reunion. 

Both women admitted they are weary of rumours of supply chains hold up ahead of this year’s Christmas, after the delivery delays of 2020 caused by the pandemic. 

However, This Morning’s viewers branded the duo ‘greedy’ as others lamented Christmas is now about ‘what’ you have rather than ‘who’ you have.

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Rachel Marsden, from Leeds, admitted she’s bought her Christmas gifts for 2021 already, starting as early as July, pictured 

Rachel explained she is carrying on a family tradition of spoiling children at Christmas.  

‘Growing up, my mum and dad made Christmas so special for us, they spoiled us a little bit too much. I just carried on that tradition with my children,’ she said. 

‘I was really worried after last year, with Covid and everything, the deliveries were taking ages to get here if they got here at all. Some stuff was only delivered last month that I had ordered for last year’s Christmas,’ she went on.    

‘I thought especially with the shortages of drivers and lorry drivers, I did start to panic and did think “I need to get out there and get them or we’ll have a horrible Christmas”,’ she added. 

Pat Smith, from the East Midlands, pictured, said she has stockpiled festive snacks to make her her family have things to eat throughout the festive period 

People called Rachel and Path ‘greedy’ and regretted that Christmas is more about what you have than who you have these days 

Rachel, the mother of a three-year-old, said she is aware of how lucky she is to be able to afford so many gifts for her family.   

‘I am aware that it shouldn’t be all about gifts and it’s not everyone who can buy a large amount of gifts for the children,’ she said. 

‘I booked things for the run-up to Christmas: Santas, days out, and we all go for afternoon tea with the family, and then a massive Christmas dinner at my mum’s on Christmas Day with games.

‘I try to balance it out. I know that I buy too many gifts, but I still do it,’ she added. 

However, Rachel added she doesn’t think she is being selfish by stockpiling ahead of time.  

‘I’m not buying more than one of the items. I’m just buying one of each thing. So I’m not stopping anyone else from buying them,’ she said. 

‘And I have been buying for the last few months, slowly, so like a trickle rather than just run out and cleared the shelves in the shop,’ she added. 

‘So I don’t think it’s selfish and it’s one day I like to make really really special. And I do sacrifice a lot through the year to make Christmas really special,’ she went on. 

Meanwhile in the East Midlands, Pat prefers to stockpile snacks, but specified she doesn’t hoard turkeys, but rather festive goodies such as candy canes, chocolates, cookies and crisps. 

‘I mean this is kind of what Christmas is about to us. To me personally it’s about family, every year it’s that time where family you didn’t see for the rest of the year get together,’ Pat said. 

‘It’s snacks and stuff and things that we’re gonna have. We got shortbreads, all the sweets, the cookies and crisps and everything, things we’re gonna snack on throughout the Christmas period,’ she added. 

Prompted by Holly, Pat said she was a bit worried about delivery issues as Rachel was. 

‘Last year, with the panic buying and everything that everyone did, it made it a lot harder just to get anything,’ she explained. 

It wasn’t just Christmas food, it was anything, really. Over the last few moths I decided I don’t want to be in the same predicament this year.’ 

Pictured: Pat with her stockpile of festive snacks. She said Christmas was the best time for the family to come togethern

She added that while her friends were taken back by her stockpiling at first, they are now getting in on it, and asking her about her best buys and bargains, and looking for shop recommendations. 

On the set of the show, Alice Beer told Phil and Holly that people are in fact not stockpiling for Christmas, and that Rachel anf Pat are isolated cases. 

‘We have a massive responsibility sitting here to calm things down,’ she said. 

‘Retailer are not seeing people pushing massive trolleys through their shops and gathering and gathering,’ she said. 

‘I think they are just doing what they would do normally in advance,’ she said of Rachel and Pat. 

‘The situation is yes, there are some empty shelves in supermarket and we’ve had half a century of abundance in supermarkets. 

People said they’d be happy to have a quieter Christmas with a smaller amount of gifts, and others said they plan to leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute  

‘The retailers are saying if everyone went out and bought their Christmas puddings this week or cake next week, what the retailers would do is they would prioritise what is coming in on the HGVs that we do have and might take out some other lines,’ she explained.  

‘So we might have less choice of pasta, something else, but they would bring in more Christmas cakes and Christmas pudding, they’d just adjust what’s coming in,’ she said. 

Viewers were not impressed with Rachel and Path’s behaviour, and called them ‘greedy.’ 

‘F*** materialistic Christmas. My family and I will be happy just to actually be together,’ one said.  

‘Yes they are greedy and selfish,’ another said.  

‘Last year my nana spent Christmas day at my house having dinner and family time. This year she will spend it in a nursing home with severe dementia. It’s absolutely not about what you have, but rather who you have,’ one wrote.  

‘Christmas these days is more about what you have instead of who you have. Its pretty sad tbh.,’ one said. 

‘If we have to have fish and chips for christmas day lunch and drag put the old boardgames then that would quite simply be….. Best Christmas ever,’ said another.  

‘Most kids get too much at Christmas anyway & it gets discarded after a couple of weeks. If the little darlings don’t get so much this year it really won’t kill them. My lot would prefer money anyway,’ one said. 

‘Im gonna do what I do every year xmas shop on xmas eve,’ one wrote.  

‘These women arent panic buying tho are they. Lots of parents HAVE to start buying this stuff early just so they can afford it. Never mind potential shortages which of course the media are perpetuating,’ one wrote. 

‘Personally, i am buying gifts but not fussed what we eat,’ they added. 

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