Christopher Lloyd’s ‘Spirit Halloween: The Movie’ to Stream on Shudder – Film News in Brief

It’s time to take a trip back to everyone’s favorite Halloween store.  

AMC Network has officially licensed the rights for David Poag’s “Spirit Halloween: The Movie” to stream on its streaming service Shudder. The film will creep its way onto the streamer on Oct. 2 just in time for spooky season.

“Spirit Halloween” follows the story of three young friends — Jake (Donovan Colan), Carson (Dylan Martin Frankel) and Bo (Jaiden Smith) — who make a trip to a Halloween store in a deserted strip mall. Believing that they’ve outgrown their childhood days of trick or treating, they venture into the Spirit Halloween store on a mission to spend a night locked inside. However, their “spook-filled fun” night quickly shifts into “outlandish survival” as they’re haunted by Alec Windsor (Christopher Lloyd), a deceased man whose spirit has possessed the Spirit Halloween store.

“Spirit Halloween” stars Lloyd Colan, Frankel, Smith and Rachael Leigh Cook who joins as one of the boys’ mom, Sue, who remarried after her husband passed. It originally debuted on demand in October of 2022

Notably, Dazzler Media, out of the U.K., will also release the film in select theaters on Oct. 13 and on DVD from Oct. 16. 

Production took place from the end of 2019 to November 2021, on location at an abandoned Toys R Us location in Georgia. The film was directed by Poag with a screenplay by Billie Bates. Hideout Pictures, Strike Back Studios, Particular Crowd and Film Mode Entertainment produced the film. 

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