Cosmic Full Moon rituals to try ahead of the upcoming Pisces supermoon

Full Moons are a powerful cosmic time of the month (usually just once a month, but sometimes – like this August twice, and rarely three times).

They can be enhanced several times a year (like this August) by being a supermoon! This is when the Moon is closer to Earth on its orbit and therefore looks brighter and bigger, and in astrological terms it increases the Moon’s powerful influence.

Full Moons always occur in the opposite sign to whatever zodiac season we’re currently in. For instance, the next Full Moon (on August 30) will occur in Virgo so the Moon will be in Pisces. That particular Moon is the Moon of the whole year for psychic, intuitive and insightful vibes, so get your tarot cards and crystal ball out that night!

The Full Moon is all about pausing. It’s a time of reflection vs action. It’s a three-day window (the day before, during, and after) to review the story so far (maybe since the last Full Moon), bring things to completion, release what you’re not going to take forward, and research or ponder the things you’d like to tackle in the future. It’s a bedding down, taking stock, and re-arranging the furniture kind of transit.

Some people like to mark the occasion by engaging in Full Moon-orientated rituals or ceremonies or just little practices added to their day with the intent of harnessing the lunar magic and making life feel more enchanted. The day before, during and after the Full Moon are all suitable for ritual.

If you fancy giving some of them a go, here are our suggestions.


Take yourself outside, or in a window where the moonlight falls upon you or you can see the Moon clearly. Put on some lovely music, a guided meditation, nature sounds or sound bowl chimes. Light a candle (white for cleansing, purple for psychic connection, blue for truth and healing, green for creativity, red for love).

Sit and gaze at the Moon and ask for guidance, truth, enlightenment about a life area on your mind. Sit and let your eyes soften or close. Imagine your thoughts as glistening beams of moonlight, falling down on you and fading as they touch your skin.

Stay here for as long as you wish, breathing deeply, and letting ideas, insights, emotions, and memories rise and fall. Keep a journal close by and note down your impressions and what new ideas you’ve gained.

Recalibrate your home’s energy

Full Moons are a releasing, purging, cleansing time. A great window of opportunity to spiritually clear your home or workspace of stagnant, negative or cloying vibes.

Open all windows. Light white candles. Walk around your space using your chosen form of spiritual cleansing – this might be smudging with smoking sage, lavender or rosemary, it could be sound cleansing using a bell, chime or even by clapping, it could be simply chanting and invoking all negative energy to dissipate.

Focus on corners, focus on spots where you’ve felt low or had conflict.

Cleansing crystals

The Full Moon is the perfect time to charge your hard working crystals (be they palm stones, jewellery, or larger pieces – size doesn’t matter in crystal lore).

Jewellery you wear needs cleansing often as it picks up the vibes and energies of everyone and everything around you.

Line your crystals up along the window sill and leave them overnight in view of the Full Moon.

Walk with water

The Moon is linked to our oceans and controls our tidal forces. Being near to water (even just in the bath) can be healing and cathartic around a Full Moon.

Maybe you take an evening stroll by the nearby lake or river, a moonlit picnic with friends, a journey to the nearest beach maybe with an overnight stay so you fall to asleep and awaken to the sound of waves.

This is the most healing way to use this cosmic energy.

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