Cougar says young men ‘love that she’s a gran’ – and gets 50 flirty texts daily

Ripped gran Andrea Sunshine is popular among the lads online.

But we're not talking about just any guys…

The Brazilian influencer, who lives in London, often turns a lot of heads thanks to her jaw-dropping physique.

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Nicknamed the "Fitness Granny", the 53-year-old not only charms people her age, but even the younger generation too.

In fact, Andrea claims to receive more than 50 messages daily from much younger lads who are complimenting or asking her out.

Recently, she shared the texts she gets from men on her Instagram, where she boasts 202,000 followers.

The cheeky message read: "'I'd love to take you to dinner, but I still get money from my dad. I managed to scrape together a few months, and from researching good restaurants, that's enough. I want to hold an unforgettable dinner'.

In the text, the lad added: "'Andrea you're so hot, and I can't get you out of my head'."

Andrea is used to these kind of messages as she's often the target of the fetish which sees young people attracted to the older generation.

It's mostly teenagers who fall in love with men or women of an older age.

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The fit gran added: "I get about 50 messages every day from much younger boys. Some of them even look underage but try to act older.

"I find this situation very endearing but also bizarre."

Andrea says people usually reach out to her because they're interested in her lifestyle.

She often uses her social media to post her sculptured body, showing her training routine and some sexy snaps.

The gran continued: "I think they like me because of my racy photos and ripped body. Certainly, many dream of me.

"But honestly, and without bothering, sometimes I feel like an object of sexual attraction, which at my age becomes a bonus."

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