Could tonight's once-in-a-decade Blue Super Moon change YOUR life?

Could tonight’s once-in-a-decade Blue Super Moon change YOUR life?

Part the curtains tonight — or more specifically at 2.35am on Thursday morning — and you’ll see an astrological rarity gazing down at you, a Blue Super Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

All full moons can signal times of change, but this mystical giant represents a pivotal moment for us all — and a special opportunity for those who’ve found the past year a challenge financially or romantically.

A blue moon isn’t actually blue. It’s simply the tag given to a second full moon in a single calendar month — a pretty unusual phenomenon in itself, occurring once every two to three years (hence the term ‘once in a blue moon’).

A Blue Super Full Moon, however, where the Full Moon takes place at what astronomers call its ‘perigee’ — its nearest point to Earth on its orbit — and looks up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than normal in the sky, is a once-in-a-decade event.

But to happen in emotional Pisces, the 12th and last sign of the zodiac and the most spiritual of them all, makes this an event of extra-special significance. (The power of the moment is amplified yet further by the fact it’s happening at what we call a ‘harmonious angle’ to Jupiter, the planet that rules Pisces.)

A Blue Super Full Moon, where the Full Moon takes place at what astronomers call its ‘perigee’ is a once-in-a-decade event (file image)

In short, this is a prime moment to reassess your life. To look back at what you’ve achieved and where you find yourself, turn a corner in terms of finances or job prospects, leave a bad relationship or take a good one to the next level.

Pisces is the most compassionate of the signs of the zodiac, so the heavens are aligned for forgiveness, too.

Forgiving other people — and yourself — is great for your physical and mental health, a proven means of lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system by reducing stress.

Here’s what the Blue Super Full Moon means for you.

And for even greater accuracy, find your rising star sign (the sign of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born) at and read the prediction for that one instead.


Watch out. The Blue Super Full Moon is likely to provoke a tug of war between your inner spiritual life and more practical day-to-day concerns at work and home.

Take a moment to pause and reflect. If you’ve been meaning to learn a new spiritual practice — perhaps meditation or mindfulness exercises — the Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces will turbo‑charge your natural psychic ability.

But don’t get carried away. You still have responsibilities.

‘Me time’ is much-needed, but the danger is it detracts from getting the job done in the real world.

Instead, balance the two, and let your new-found intuitive powers help you seek out the daily routines you’ve been craving.


The full beam of a Full Moon can often reveal facets of our lives we’ve never quite seen before. And for you, this Blue Super Full Moon in empathic Pisces directs its stronger-than-ever light onto your friendships.

Look at your friends and ask whether everyone is pulling their weight. Are you giving too much and not getting enough back? On holiday with friends this summer, did someone dominate every plan, talk over others and constantly make themselves the centre of attention?

If you can’t imagine yourself going to them when you need help, perhaps the relationship isn’t as equal or as rewarding as you think.

Reassess using the insight afforded you by the mystical Blue Moon — and decide whether to invest in that friendship or call it a day.


Quick-witted Gemini is an accomplished juggler — of work, play, hobbies and passions. The Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces, taking its place in your tenth house, gives you the energy and creativity to spin those plates faster than ever.

But look out for obstacles on the horizon, too.

Make time for your partner before they accuse you of spending too long at the office, for example.

Seriously consider any opportunities that allow you to blend hobbies with work.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, now might be the time to get stuck in and finally resolve the work-life balance by making money out of something you truly love.


Seeing off a child to school or university in the next few weeks? Or maybe you’re the one taking on a new course of study.

How to harness lunar power


Now is the time to do some divination of your own. Whether with tarot cards or via a consultation with a psychic, it’s the perfect moment to ask the universe for answers to all those burning questions about your future . . .


Use the mysticism of Pisces and the power of the Blue Super Full Moon in a private Moon ceremony. Sit down tonight and light a candle. Put on some beautiful music and bring to mind anyone you need to absolve of guilt — including yourself.

Send them as much love as you can muster. Write what you are feeling and forgiving them for — and then burn the piece of paper. Now, just wait for the Blue Super Full Moon to work its magic!


Try a three-card spread using tarot or oracle cards. Place the cards in a row in front of you, face down. Turn them over one-by-one, letting the first card represent what you’ve left behind, the second where you are now and the third card what happens next if nothing else changes. If you are not happy with the outcome, change your course!

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Cancer is famously the most home-loving sign of all, but this Full Moon is all about those activities that broaden your horizons: travel, study and the quest to understand what life is all about.

Whether you’re just embarking on adulthood or retiring from a long career, it’s always exciting to gain new knowledge and refresh your life philosophy.

While your children are off learning, your empty nest is itself an opportunity to master a new skill and meet new people who will change your perspective.

Watch out for any inspiration that might come your way in the next week, sent by the Blue Super Full Moon in insightful Pisces.


It’s been a tough year for many of us financially.

But for Leos, this is your chance to seek advice from the stars (and the Moon!) to turn your bank balance around, especially where it concerns loans such as mortgages and credit cards.

You’d be surprised how much knowledge you already have.

Use the therapeutic power of Pisces in meditation or ask tarot cards for guidance about your next financial step.

Think hard about the limiting ideas about money you picked up as a child.

Did your parents think running up debts, no matter how manageable, was a sign of failure? Did they worry about the size of the mortgage, or grow anxious when the day the rent was due came around?

Reassess your relationship with money in the cold light of the Blue Super Full Moon and let your emotions reveal the fears that are holding you back.


The Full Moon in your Love Zone is all about changes in your romantic life. Are you ready? It’s telling you either to take things to the next level in a healthy partnership, or to finally cut your losses on one that’s not going well.

The latter move might sound radical, but since the Blue Super Full Moon is supporting defiantly unsexy Saturn in your Love Zone, it’s the right moment to get serious about sorting out your relationship once and for all.

There doesn’t need to be blame involved. On the contrary, use soulful Pisces to forgive, not guilt-trip.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, by the way — especially if you’ve been wronged. What it means is taking the pain out of a situation for you by refusing to dwell on it.


This Full Moon for you is all about finding a balance between spirituality and practicality.

On one hand, you’re likely to feel like turning your phone off and hiding yourself away. On the other, events could easily transpire which remind you that you will need to get things done.

It can bring up intense feelings about the way your life is currently unfolding and even about the way you earn your living and spend your days.

If your health has been sub-par, now is when you can change your habits and turn the corner. If you’ve been thinking about changing your exercise routine or finally joining the gym, go for it. De-stress by looking at any upsets in your life and making your peace with them.


Seize the chance to turn the corner with any problems related to children — either your own or stepchildren or grandchildren.

Perhaps they’re unhappy at school and don’t want to go back after the holidays, or maybe they’re fully grown but still get into scrapes and keep calling on you for help. Go gently, but let matters come to a head.

Often, only by airing problems are they solved — and rifts healed. Pisces is nothing if not empathic and will help you see the right path. There could also be a tug of war going on over a romance or a creative project. Your heart already knows the right way forward.

A blue moon isn’t actually blue. It’s simply the tag given to a second full moon in a single calendar month (file image)


It’s a particularly positive moment for you as the Full Moon triggers your wonderful and cheerful ruler Jupiter.

For you, the Full Moon is all about home and family. Events in your personal life may be coming to a climax and the big changes afoot could benefit you all. If you were thinking of moving house, this could be just the right moment.

The energy from the Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces is just what you need to boost your own and your family’s fortunes. Perhaps you’re downsizing now the family home is empty of children, or maybe the bank of mum and dad is funding a first step onto the property ladder.

Grab the opportunities that come your way and make the most of the joy these moves bring.


Be kind to yourself. The therapist in gentle Pisces knows that the way you speak to yourself has a huge impact on your self-esteem, so seize the moment to start gently talking yourself up.

Communication is key to your success from now until 2026 and the light of the Blue Super Full Moon this week provides all the clarity you need.

How can you improve the way you communicate your brilliant ideas and make people listen to your desires?

Capricorns can sometimes seem no-nonsense to the point of coldness, but you are creative when you want to be. Ditch any negative self-talk and let others see how good you are at your job or as a romantic partner.

Getting your message across is nine-tenths of the battle.


Look around you — and check out your bank balance, too.

Which of the things you’ve spent money on so far this year has made you happy? A pair of sparkly high heels? A holiday abroad? Dinner out with friends? And what have you wasted money on?

Often we splash cash to make ourselves feel better when times are tough but only succeed in feeling guilty instead.

Re-evaluate priorities and dig deep into what truly brings you joy. Are you working hard to build a nest egg or because you’re filled with life-draining fear about your finances? The former is fine but the latter will quickly deplete you.

Ask the Moon what to do and the answer will reveal itself.


This is such an important time in your life. With the Full Moon in Pisces (not to mention Saturn in the same part of your chart), you’re being challenged to work out what changes you know you need in your life.

The Blue Super Full Moon asks you to dig deep and look at the person you have grown into; whether your needs are being met and whether you meet those of your partner, children and friends. How would you like to change things?

This is the moment to work out whether what you have still fits who you are. You might well have created the life you lead now several decades ago, for example — does it still give you all the happiness and mental stimulation you need?

As a Pisces, you have emotional intelligence in spades, and now the Blue Super Full Moon in your sign gives you all the impetus and lucidity to work out where you’re going and what you want. A change of direction could be just the tonic.

What an opportunity!

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