Couple who had 4 weddings say its not excessive and they havent finished yet

A couple who had four weddings to celebrate their marriage have admitted they 'don't think it's excessive'.

Ashley Miller, 38, is originally from Los Angeles, California, US, while her partner, Larry Lansing, 41, grew up 2,824 miles away – in Troy, New York, US.

Because their friends and family spread across the US, the couple decided that instead of have one big wedding, they would opt for four smaller celebrations.

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They decided they would go to their friends and family, rather than have their guests come to them.

And despite four separate events, though couple claim they only spent $16,098 (£13,041) on the lot.

Ashley, who works in event production, from Los Gatos, California, US, said: "Ultimately, the four different celebrations ended up happening in large part due to Covid being such a thing.

"After the last few years and, looking at the fact that my husband and I have families living on opposite ends of the country, we decided to have these four different ceremonies.

"Most of my family live on the west coast of America and all of his family live on the east coast.

"Recognising that we have family elders, and it was really important for us to share this day with us, instead of asking them to go anywhere, we brought the party to them."

Ashley said their family and friends 'loved' the idea and thought it was great.

She also said they didn't spend much more on the four events than they would have done for one wedding.

For their first wedding – a legal ceremony – at the courthouse in Yolo, California, US, on December 28, 2021, the couple donned jeans and jumpers.

Their marriage was witnessed by two friends – with one pal, Warren Venice, performing the ceremony as they held a licence to wed couples. They said the wedding was a last-minute affair after driving home through a storm.

Ashley said: "That was us deciding that we were going to get married anyway.

"One of the friends we were with, it just so happens, is a minister who could perform the ceremony legally and the other was our witness.

"It was just the four of us – cracking up in jeans and sweaters.

"A very not formal affair which led to us wanting to do the bigger parties for our families."

She added: "We wanted to celebrate with them more than on a phone call or a video call.

"We didn't think it was excessive as we wanted the whole family to be able to celebrate with us."

Ashley admitted many of her family and friends, including her dad, were disappointed when they heard she'd got married as they weren't there.

Their second wedding was at a venue in Troy, New York, US, with members of Larry's family in attendance on May 21, 2022.

Meanwhile, the third celebration was for Ashley's family in Oregon, Portland, US, on June 11, 2022, with about 30-35 people there.

Their fourth and final big day was at the Little Vegas Chapel in July 2022 – with 38 of their closest friends.

This saw the pair the the knot in an Elvis Presley-themed chapel surrounded by 38 of their friends and went to the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to celebrate.

Ashley, who works in entertainment, said she and Larry, a software engineer, wanted to use the weddings as an opportunity to bring people together after Covid-19.

"It was a chance for us to get to see people ranging from getting to see kids who have been growing up over the last couple of years to seeing our family elders," she said.

And the couple have finished yet. They now say they are planning to renew their wedding vows every few years, starting in 2024 and do another week's celebration for all of their family and friends.

These two could re-train as wedding planners we think after all these big days!

Would you have multiple weddings? Let us know in the comments…


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