DC's Legends of Tomorrow Star Dominic Purcell Says He Was Trolling Media with Posts About Quitting, Still Leaving

In a post amended several times over the weekend, Purcell went from lashing out at the studio, to saying he was just frustrated and emotional, to saying he was joking all along to finally saying he was trolling the media.

Dominic Purcell appeared set to burn his bridges in his departure as Heat Wave (Mick Rory) from The CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” but the actor has since deleted his initial inflammatory comments, replacing them with a much gentler message.

The new message also makes it clear that while he won’t be returning as a series regular for the just-greenlit seventh season of the long-running “Arrowverse” series, saying he has a “handshake deal” to show up periodically. Season 6 is scheduled to premiere on May 2.

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“Deal isn’t done. I have no interest,” Purcell wrote on Friday in a since-deleted post, as detailed by TV Line. “[Whatever] cash they throw on the corporate level. I’m walking away from @cw_legendsoftomorrow. It’s been a total pleasure and a humbling experience bringing @dccomics iconic character #heatwave (aka) MICK RORY to life. I smashed this character — not an actor in the world could have done better.”

He went on to add, “The studio does not care. The actors work ethic and talent must give them the confidence to question authority. Much love to all. It’s not lost on me how very fortunate I am.”

On Saturday, Purcell returned to the platform to clarify his original statement, and soften the clear emotions behind them. “God would everyone chill the f— out,” he wrote. “Why are people losing their mind because I’m leaving the show. Yes my tone was heavy straight to the point…It’s who I am.”

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“Yes I said [they don’t] care. That’s not correct of course they do,” he wrote. “Just me being emotional and over stuff. We all work in a big machine. Sometimes s— happens. It’s life.”

He further elaborated, writing, “My wording was aggressive in tone because sometimes I get frustrated and annoyed it’s been a long long heavy year locked up in #Vancouver for 9 months without going home. Who doesn’t and who hasn’t lashed out. Im f—– human. So for god sake chill on.”

He then went on to emphasize that despite his earlier words, he does not have a beef with the studio. In his initial post, he had called for actors to “hit him up on DM” to discuss “fake (c-words),” per Deadline. The studio and network declined to comment to the outlet.

But that post was also amended on Saturday, with a far more positive and optimistic tone: “Big thanks to the cast and crew and all the awesome relationships I’ve made over the years. Thank you all. Dom.”

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As noted over on TheWrap, though, Purcell still wasn’t done. He again amended the post to suggest that it had all been an elaborate joke. “WHY SO SERIOUS,” he wrote this time. “My last post I needed a laugh. It was a joke and The press went nuts and yes I will always f— with the press it’s fun watching them be click-bated.”

But, he did reiterate that he is still leaving the show and is still expected to return via that “handshake deal with my boss Phil Klemmer.” He also emphasized that he has no beef with the studio, calling his entire Instagram saga “a genius negotiation move.”

By late Saturday night, Purcell’s post had been amended one more time, now saying that he’s ready to sit back and see how much attention his “viral press s— storm” gets the show. “Me and MICK been such naughty boys,” he said referring to his alter ego on the show. “The most publicity @cw_legendsoftomorrow and @dccomics has ever had. #stoked!!!🤣😉”

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