Dear Joan and Jericha fans, we have exciting news for you…

The creators of the advice podcast that turns misogyny on its head are releasing a book this autumn. And we have all the exclusive details…

SWEET MONDAY JOY! There isn’t often much to be excited about at the start of the week – other than the fact it’s the day we get new episodes of I May Destroy You. But this Monday we bring you glad tidings with the exclusive news that the funniest podcast in the UK, Dear Joan and Jericha, is bringing out a book on October 29th 2020. 

The satirical podcast hosted by Julia Davis (the creator of Nighty Night and Sally4Ever and star of Gavin and Stacey) and Vicki Pepperdine (the co-writer and star of Getting On) sees them play agony aunts, answering readers’ letters about relationships in turmoil.And their advice is cruel, misogynistic, filthy and utterly hilarious. The sort of funny that means you’ll be full body shaking in public if you’re listening on your headphones. It totally skewers the helpful advice often given to women and the sexist attitudes that pervade society – a woman who writes in to say that she is upset that her husband has given a voucher for a facelift for her birthday is told she doesn’t know how lucky she is. 

The book by the ‘world-renowned agony aunts and psychogenital counsellors’ comes out this October and is called Dear Joan And Jericha – Why He Turns Away: Do’s and Don’ts From Dating To Death. And it promises to be as an ‘unputdownable bible of sex and relationship advice on how to find, satisfy and maintain a husband, from dating right up until death.’

Joan and Jericha have this to say to anyone that disputes their advice-giving credentials: “These naysayers are generally bitter and jealous spinsters, taking perverse and sadistic pleasure in being vindictive and nasty, while no doubt masturbating at the same time. To these lonely ladies we would say, “Go look in your own heart madam, knock ye there and ask yourself some difficult questions. For ye will find the real guilt writhing within ye, like maggots mating in yesterday’s apple”. For the rest of you, our dear readers, we proffer this lifeline which we hope, indeed pray, will see you through the darkest hours of your quest for marital harmony.”

Here, for the first time, is an exlusive look at the book cover…

If you’re as excited as we are, you can pre-order the book here before it’s released on October 29th 2020 and until then we highly recommend listening to the series here. 

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