‘Donda West 2’ Producer Claims Kanye West Still Hasn’t Paid Him

Kanye West may have another lawsuit on his hands if he doesn’t pay what’s due. A producer who worked on his eleventh album Donda 2 said he’s yet to receive any royalties.

According to TMZ, ATL Jacob spoke about the issue during an interview with VladTV. Jacob said he collaborated with Ye on other tracks, including “Louie Bags, “Keep It Burning,” and “Pablo” (featuring Future and Travis Scott).

Though he gained a lot of experience working as a producer on Donda 2, he’s yet to see any form of payment.

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Jacob’s difficult getting paid is apparently to the controversial release of the album. Shortly before it was unveiled, Kanye announced it would only be available on his Stem player, bypassing all other streaming services.

However, Jacob warns that people who paid for the Stem player didn’t get the final version of Donda 2. Rather, the producers says it’s a compilation of unfinished demos.

Kanye is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with KRS-One’s Boogie Down Productions over the album’s release.

TMZ says that Jacob may have a case to sue Kanye for his unpaid work – and he wouldn’t be the first ex-employee to launch a lawsuit.

At the end of October, it was reported that the rapper is being sued for $4.5 million by his former manager, who says he was unjustly fired and wasn’t paid what his contract says he’s owed.

Ye has also had to pay several settlements to ex-employees for mistreatment unprofessional workplace behavior. Several former staffers allege he regularly used antisemitic language, and another said they were fired just for suggesting Drake’s music be played.

Moreover, Kanye is being sued for $250 million by George Floyd’s family after he made untrue remarks about his death, claiming George died of an overdose (though it’s been legally established he was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin).

Kanye has a long history of controversial behavior, but he’s recently sparked intense backlash over a series of antisemitic and anti-Black comments.

Various brands have cut ties with him, including Balenciaga and the Gap. Vogue as well as its editor-in-chief Anna Wintour will reportedly no longer work with him.

Ye also lost his long-time Yeezy partnership with Adidas, which brought in billions in revenue. However, Adidas says it will still sell Yeezy products, but without Kanye’s involvement.

After losing the Adidas deal, Forbes announced Kanye no longer qualifies as a billionaire. He’s reportedly feeling the loss of wealth, even halting construction on his Malibu property in order to reconsider his finances.

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