Fans baffled as artist makes j***y ring jewellery from blokes semen samples

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    An artist has revealed how she makes 'cute' jewellery out of blokes' semen samples – leaving people baffled as to how she came up with the idea.

    Amanda Booth shared a clip of herself pouring out a slightly yellowed semen sample that had been sent in by a customer to convert into what she calls a "j***y ring."

    In the video, which has gained more than 659,000 likes, she goes through the process of making the ejaculate into a stone that she can put on a sterling silver ring for her customer.

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    She explained: "Hey guys, let's do a j***y ring. Our client sent in their semen sample. Keep in mind, it does take a while for samples to get to us, so colouring and consistency do change when semen is left sitting.

    "Anyway, so we turned it into a powder. I incorporated it into the clay, and our client also wanted pink opalescent flakes included as well.

    "I gave that a quick marble and created the small heartbeat that we were gonna make for the ring. Of course, with the leftovers, with his own sample, I made beads for a bracelet as well."

    Amanda, who posts on TikTok as @amandaldbooth, captioned the video: "Cute #jizzyjewellery Heart ring wire wrapped in Sterling Silver."

    TikTok users were left baffled by the creation, which Amanda sells on her online store, as they took to the comments questioning how she came up with the idea.

    One user questioned: "But why?"

    Another asked: "Can you please make a video explaining how you even got the idea to do this…like sparked that thought…"

    A third quipped: "I'm getting everyone a special ring for Christmas."

    A fourth commented: "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?!"

    But her website explains: "Whether you are marking your fertility journey, getting a vasectomy gift, surprising your partner or just want to be that much closer we can turn your j*** into a real gem!"

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    However, other users were distracted by the fact the artist was handling the bodily fluid without gloves.

    One user commented: "No gloves is wild."


    To which, Amanda replied: "NO! Omg I didn’t realize I forgot them."


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