Fashion influencer predicts trends that will be 'UGLY' in five years

I’m a fashion influencer and these are the trends I think will be ‘UGLY’ in five years time… but not everyone agrees

  •  20-year-old Ellie, has made a second video listing trends she thinks won’t last
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A US influencer has revealed the fashion and beauty trends she thinks will be deemed ugly within five years.

20-year-old Ellie has made a second video listing more items that she thinks won’t survive the test of time.

In the first one, which was seen by 3.6 million people, she slammed current favourites such as denim maxi skirts, chunky sneakers, slicked back hair and biker shorts.

Now, she’s back with more hot takes on what’s on its way out of our wardrobes, and some people are not happy about it. 

The new clip on TikTok, where she goes by @elliecath, has attracted more than 773,000 views in a week – she told viewers ‘Here’s some fashion trends that I predict will be ugly in like five years from now’ – read on for her full list.

20-year-old Ellie from the USA, has made a second video listing more items that she thinks won’t last

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Corset tops 

The first clothing item she thinks won’t last, is ironically one she’s wearing in the video.

She joked ‘Let’s start off easy by bashing myself – corset tops. 

‘I don’t think corsets will ever actually be ugly, they’re kinda always a thing but they’re so overdone.

‘I think that in a couple of years we’re gonna look back and be like ‘why is that all 20 year old women ever wore?’ I’m a 20 year old woman.’

She added ‘Specifically, these cropped ones with the cups’.


Next on Ellie’s list is loafers, which is possibly the most controversial take according to the comments.

She said ‘You cannot tell me that three years ago you would have bought these cause you thought they were cute.

‘If you did, tell me what it’s like to be a f****** liar.’

However, fashion lovers were quick to defend the chunky shoes, with one user writing ‘Nah, loafers are a classic—they might get less trendy, but they’ll still be around. (Source: have always liked them and will continue to)’

Another added ‘I don’t think loafers will ever go out of style. Practical for us business professionals girls’.

Oversized blazers  

Third on the list is ‘Oversized blazers on top of everything’.

She explained ‘I don’t really know where that one came from but it won’t last.’

Although, this one also sparked a bit of backlash with one viewer saying ‘oversize blazers have always been a must. my mum has one from her 20s lol’.

Others said ‘us business casual girlies need the blazers and loafers’ and ‘Nah blazers are timeless’.

Puffy material  

The style pro continues: ‘Puffy material of like bags and random stuff. I give this trend like nine months before it’s weird.

‘This trend just kinda came out pf nowhere and trends like that usually come and go pretty quick.

‘Like, if you get pregnant now, this trend will probably be done by the time you give birth.’

Defenders of this style argued ‘I love my puffy bag’ and ‘loafers and puffy bags till I die’.

The style pro continues ‘Puffy material of like bags and random stuff. I give this trend like nine months before it’s weird’

Full list of what the style pro thinks will be ‘ugly’ in five years time

  • Corset tops
  • Loafers
  • Oversized blazers
  • Puffy material
  • Soap brows
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Wide leg and bell bottom jeans
  • Fanny packs
  • Denim maxi skirts
  • Slicked back hair
  • Clothing with ruched details
  • Mesh clothing
  • Crotchet clothing 
  • Clothes with cut outs
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Chunky jewellery
  • Biker shorts 

Soap brows

Next, Ellie talks about the first beauty trend on the list, soap brows – a styling technique where you brush your eyebrows upwards using soap-based product, creating a fluffy look.

She said ‘Okay next, this might be controversial but soap brows. I’m not talking feathered brows, I mean the eyebrows that look like your entire brow is a cow lick and then you glued it down with Elmer’s.’

‘Eyebrows is one of those things that’s like always changing and as much as I hate to admit this, in a hundred years we could go back to 2016 brows.

Eyelash extensions

The influencer continues ‘While we’re on the topic of face trends, eyelash extensions.

‘I’m talking about the ones that are so thick, it like weighs your eyelid down so when you try to make eye contact with a person, you’re staring into a black hole of fur.

‘Nothing is wrong with either of those but I just don’t see it being as popular in like five or ten years.’

Wide leg and bell bottom jeans  

Moving back to clothing, she says ‘Wide leg pants like bell bottoms, duh, this will go in and out over and over for the rest of our lives.’

This was another highly controversial opinion – one commenter chimed in with ‘you can pry my bell bottoms out of my cold dead hands they will always be cool’.

Others wrote ‘I have slightly bowed legs and flaired trousers are the only thing that makes my legs look normal’ and ‘They’re so flattering on my body type’.

Someone else chimed in with ‘Bell bottoms have gotten popular twice already I’m sure they’re going to become popular again sometime’. 

Fanny packs  

The last item on Ellie’s list of trends that won’t stand the test of time, is fanny packs, also known as waist bags and bum bags.

She concluded ‘Last offer today, fanny packs. I get this is like a staple now. They used to be weird so I don’t know.’

Viewers commented ‘I will NEVER rid of the belt bag’ and ‘I think a fanny pack is just useful’.

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