Full Moon horoscope: How will this weekend’s Halloween Blue Moon affect you?

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An extremely rare Full Blue Moon will loom over the horizon this Halloween (Saturday, October 31). This makes this annual scary spectacle a little extra special.

The consensus in astrological circles is this cosmic occurrence will offer profoundly mystical insights into what lies ahead.

Full Moons in astrology are already widely-considered to be super-charged events in the 29.5 day lunar cycle.

However, Saturday’s lunation on the night of Halloween is believed to be all the more auspicious for horoscopes.

This is because the Full Moon coincides with Samhain – a pagan holiday better known as the Witches’ New Year.

This eerie period is commonly considered as the ‘veil’ lifting between the worlds of the living and the dead.

As a result, the more mystical among us may feel they have easier access to other realms.

This may supposedly make practicing mystical divination arts such as tarot all the more powerful.

And spirits or fairies have historically been thought able to enter our dimension as well as the souls of the dead.

Rachel True, a tarot practitioner, believes people should try reading cards using only intuition during Halloween’s Full Moon.

She said: ”After you get a visceral reaction to the card, then it’s great to look up the card interpretations and see just how quickly you picked up the cards innate meanings.”

The astrologer suggests making notes about the chosen cards before checking their meaning elsewhere.

This is in the hope you will strengthen your intuitive senses over Halloween.

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Halloween 2020 brings a Full Moon in Taurus, which is also known as the Hunter’s Moon.

And because this is the second Full Moon of October, it is also known as a Blue Moon.

This Halloween also features a Sun forming an Opposition with Uranus.

Many practitioners of astrology think this can provide an epiphany or even a sudden illumination, meaning something unexpected may will happen.

Aries: The balance of power is swinging to your side, so have more faith in your integrity and everything will be fine.

Taurus: The magic of Samhain will compel Taurus to learn the lesson life wants to teach.

Cancer: The magic of Samhain is most likely preparing people to fire you up with an energetic blend of freedom and victory.

Leo: Samhain will reveal a plan to Leos that will move them toward success this Halloween.

Virgo: Samhain’s magic indicates something enormously satisfying is about to arrive in the coming days.

Libra: Samhain may potentially show you how to be more relaxed, patient and confident over Halloween.

Scorpio: Remember you are under no obligation to do anything that grates on your sense of what is right, so your fate lies in your hands alone.

Sagittarius: Make some allowance because things are changing rapidly over this Halloween weekend.

Capricorn: Something will occur to rid your life of something causing you a great deal of angst.

Aquarius: An old unhappy feeling of dissatisfaction will give way to something a whole lot sweeter due to Halloween’s Blue Moon.

Pisces: Your ability to empathise and to be attentive to the needs of others puts you in high demand because of the Hunter’s Moon influence.

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