Glam gran is mistaken for woman in her 20s following surgery makeover

Becky remembered: “As I was growing up, I have been lazy; I had no self-confidence, low self-esteem and no self-acceptance.

“I wanted to lose weight for me and at my heaviest in 2008 I was over fourteen stone, so I got stuck into dieting and over nine months I lost three stone which I maintained until 2016 then I crept up to thirteen stone five pounds.

“Over time I tried fasting diets, shakes, pills, slimming world which worked for a while and I lost around a stone but I still felt very self-conscious and hated what I saw in the mirror.

“It was the overhang on my tummy, over the years I have had to have around fourteen surgeries for ‘women’s problems’ including a hysterectomy at thirty-two in 2008, this along with three pregnancies left no muscles in my tummy.”

In a bid to feel more confident about herself, Becky decided to get some cosmetic work done.

She explained: “I work with a very lovely cosmetic surgeon called David Oliver and I spoke with him in August 2017 and he advised a mini tummy tuck with lipo, which I had in November 2017.”

The gran was delighted with the procedure – and she decided to make some changes to her lifestyle to make the results even more dramatic.

She ditched her processed food-packed diet and started working out at home, which has been very beneifical. 

Becky revealed: “I loved the fact my sag had gone.

“I gave up fad diets, stuck to a healthy lifestyle and home workouts then a year post op I was eleven stone two pounds…

“I eat healthy now and snack less and I’m also more active.”

As well as sticking to a healthy regime, Becky keeps her cosmetic procedures topped up.

She said: “I have regular micro needling, derma planning and the odd filler.

“I like to look and feel good and I can wear better clothes now whereas in my twenties I’d cover up.”

The gran is pleased with all the work she’s had done and has no regrets.

She added: “My husband loves me for who am I whatever my size but loves the new me more than the old me as I’m happier and bubblier.

“We have more weekends away and holidays as I’m more confident and not hiding away.

“We have always had an active sex life but it’s much better now I feel happier and confident in myself there’s no covering my tummy up and lights off.

“People say I look too young to be a nan and ask about my age, which makes me feel good.

“My daughter calls me the Glam Ma…

“When I’m out with my grandchildren people always say I must be a proud mum and whenever I correct them saying I’m their nana, they look astounded and think I’m lying…

“Keeping photos of my progress really helps me as it makes me realise how far I have come.

“My aim is to be happy in myself at last; the hardest thing to do is to learn to love yourself but I will do it.”

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