Hairdresser says people always wash hair ‘wrong’ as there’s an area they miss

A hairdresser has shared tips to her fans one how to "master" the skill of hair-washing and said there is an area people often miss.

Kami Kirschbaum, a former hair stylist from the US, said she had seen many people washing the hair the "wrong way" and decided to share the "art of hair-washing" to her viewers.

In a TikTok video, Kami lathers the shampoo on the surface of the hair and gently goes around the head.

She says: "Just rubbing shampoo in and hoping for the best will leave your hair super dirty. Do not wash your hair like this!"

Kami then shows how it should be done the second time, lifting the hair in small bunches and placing her finger underneath to give it a good scrub.

"Wash like this – use your fingertips to scrub that scalp," Kami explained.

"I always wash two to three times till I feel everything's squeaky clean. You have to get underneath – this is the most forgotten part!"

Some viewers said they followed Kami's advice after watching the video.

One wrote: "I wash the first way…oops. Changing immediately! Could this be the reason for my dandruff? I've been struggling for years."

"I'm embarrassed but I literally recently learned how to wash my hair, at 25, from TikTok," a second added. "Feels so much better now."

A woman said she literally flips her head to scrub her scalp, which Kami said: "Flipping is really good for circulation."

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But one expressed concern, asking: "Isn't 'squeaky clean' bad for your hair though? Stripping it of its natural oils."

Kami replied: "It's so different for every type of hair but in general it's good for you to properly wash your scalp."

She also suggested people use hair masks from time to time to give the scalp some nutrients for shine and strength.

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