Here’s How Future Earns And Spends His $50 Million Fortune

Musician Future has indeed come a long way in his career and it took him years to get where he is. Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, initially started with a musical collective that eventually expanded into a massive music career in the entertainment industry.Today, the Turn On The Lights singer has accumulated a total net worth of $50 million and it’s an easy feat. Take a look at how Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka Future, earns and spends his fortune.

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10 Earns: Music Career

It was reported that the famous rapper earns about $15 million annually from his music career and from the popularity of the music he’s released. Due to the lenght of his well established career, he was indeed considered as one of the most influential rappers at the moment.

Future is known for his mumble styled vocals that results to prolific output. He is considered to be the pioneer of using melody and auto-tune in the modern trap music. Since his debut in 2010, the rapper has actively contributed to the music industry.It was reported that Future closed a deal worth $50 million. Future hinted on the said deal when he appeared on the radio show of V-103. He did not disclose the details of the deal, however there was a speculation that the multimillion contract was a renewal contract with Epic Records.

9 Spends: Car Collection

The rapper currently owns five cars on his car collection. The most expensive car on his collection is the Audi RS Q8 that cost him $300,000. He also has Porsche 911 that retails for $280,000. He also owns a simple Alfa Romeo Giulia that is perfect for everyday use and only costs $45,000.

He also owns a Mercedes-Benz EqC, Land Rover Defender, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Aventador, a Chevrolet K5 Blazer restomod, plus various Bentleys, including a Flying Spur, Bentayga, and Continental GT.

8 Earns: Other Streaming Revenues

Forbes reported that Future cashed in a total of $23 million from his digital streams. The rapper landed at the tenth spot on Forbes’ annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings ranking of highest-paid rappers. He has accumulated 30 billions of streams on all the songs he’s produced.

With Future’s entrance to the music world, he has heralded a new musical era in the rap industry. The majority of the money was made through streaming his music online and it is definitely the career best for the rapper as he came second to Canadian rapper and singer Drake in terms of earnings in digital streaming with about $94 million earnings.


6 Spends: Investments

Investments are either a hit or miss, either you make money or lose it. Investments are risky, so it can be said that it is initially an spending since it’s not really an earning yet. Stocks and bonds are really risky, but cryptocurrency or NFTs are not only expensive but high risk as well.

Future reportedly joined The Bored Ape Yacht club after dropping $250,000 on a rare collectible of NFT. The rapper joined the long list of celebrities who invested into the a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT alongside Post Malone, Lil Baby, DJ Khaled and Steph Curry.


5 Earns: Spotify

Future’s entire discography can be found on Spotify. From his first single titled Magic up to his latest release last year titled Good On Love. The rapper has approximately 42.8 million monthly listeners on the app and he has since earned millions from it. It was revealed that he earns at least $7 million from Spotify.

Among his most popular song on the app is Superhero with 105 million times played, WAIT FOR U with 380 million times played, Too Many Nights with 65 million times played, Mask Off with 1.3 billion times played, and Solo with 115 million times played.


3 Spends: Mansions

Among the features that made Future buy the mansion are a spectacular view on seen on the rooftop terrace, seven bedrooms with nine ensuite bathrooms that boast contemporary finish, some breathtaking open spaces on the living area, a detached guest house that can double as a gym studio and picturesque pool that is perfect for throwing parties.

2 Earnings: Endorsements



1 Spends: Act of Kindness

A post shared by Future PLUTO Hendrix (@future)

When the pandemic hit, singer-songwriter Future is among the celebrities who felt the need to help out others. The Mask Off singer advocated for everyone to wear a mask as he decided to donate face masks worth millions. He partnered with the sewing organizations to help provide face masks to the frontliners especially the hospital workers and patients.

Future also founded a foundation called Free Wishes Foundation that aims to improve the academics with children and youth and to better provide after school assistance. They established programs to help increase reading comprehension, fluency, increase academic levels, and mathematical skills. The foundation also helps take care of the elderlies by providing health and wellness programs to senior citizens.

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