Heres How Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal Spends His $200 Million Fortune

The King Of Clay, Rafael Nadal, is one of the highest-paid tennis players in the world. With a $200 million net worth, the athlete has spent his fortune on several luxury collectibles over the years.

One of the greatest tennis players, Rafael Nadal, holds a record 20 Grand Slams under his belt, a feat that he shares with legends Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Known for his astonishing record of winning 13 French Open titles, the highest by any player in tennis, Nadal has amassed a massive $200 million fortune from his wins. The tennis star has won more than $100 million by winning over 75 titles throughout his career. Off the court, Nadal is just as popular with his brand endorsements with Nike, Babolat, and Tommy Hilfiger, which earned him $3 to $4 million per deal.

The tennis star spends his multi-million fortune on personal luxury as well as acts of philanthropy. Being a famous tennis player, everyone is keen to know about the life of this legend. Let’s take a look at how Rafael Nadal spends his $200 million fortune.

An Impressive Car Collection

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Nadal is the brand ambassador for the automaker Kia, and his sponsorship has gained him a Kia Stinger GT. One of the most exotic cars in his collection is the Aston Martin DBS featured in the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale. He is also a proud owner of the best Mercedes ever produced, the Mercedes-Benz SL55, a high-performance car. As mentioned by Hot Cars, the most impressive in his car collection is the Ferrari 458 Italia, which is undoubtedly the best modern Ferraris made.

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A Gorgeous 80-foot Yacht

In 2020, the player celebrated his 34th birthday after collecting the delivery of his customized Sunreef 80’ Power catamaran, which he named Great White. The yacht is 80-foot long and is equipped with two 1,200 HP engines with 24 knots top speed. The yacht cost Nadal a whopping $6.2 million. It is designed in shades of cream, beige, and coffee, Nadal’s favorite color scheme. The yacht features four guest suites and an owner’s suite along with a wet bar, sun pads, and a barbecue.

Expensive Watch Collection

Nadal has had a long-lasting relationship with watchmaker Richard Mille when wearing luxury watches on the tennis court. As the game demands quick wrist movements, the player trusts Mille to offer the most reliable watches for him. For the 2019 US Open Final, Nadal was spotted wearing the limited series RM 27-03 in tiger stripes with the Spanish flag that cost $725,000. According to GQ, he was spotted with a RM 27-04 during the 2020 French Open, which costs a whopping $1.05 million.

Real Estate

Nadal is also the owner of some stunning homes in Europe. A $4.3 million chalet located in his hometown of Mallorca, Spain, is a part of this collection. The 7,000 square meters beachfront home is located across from his parent’s house and has ample space for the athlete to park his yacht. Nadal has also claimed to love the Dominican Republic, which is why the tennis star owns a luxury villa costing $2 million on the island, as noted by Business Insider.

Apart from his residential investments, Nadal has also purchased a 19th-century real estate building in the heart of Madrid for $30 million with his business partners in 2017. While the property remains idle, it is reported that the building is supposed to be converted into an elite residential.

Fundación Rafa Nadal

Rafael is private about his life, though he actively promotes his Fundación Rafa Nadal, a foundation that he began in 2008 to cultivate sports and education amongst young children. He opened the foundation with his mother, Ana Maria Parera, who serves as the President. It fosters personal growth, effort, and respect amongst the youth and primarily focuses on children in Spain and India. In 2020, Fundación Rafa Nadal aided families with food and basic supplies who were struggling through the pandemic, as reported by Laureus.

Rafael Nadal Academy

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Rafael Nadal Academy by Movistar has centers everywhere in the world, from the Middle East to Europe. The Academy was opened in Mallorca, Spain, in a 24,000 sq. ft space, costing $25 million. Nadal invested $1.25 million, 5% of the total cost of building the Academy. The athlete has plans to expand the Academy by opening tennis centers at various vacation resorts worldwide. His latest tennis center opened in Costa Mujeres, Mexico.

From automotive to real estate, Rafael Nadal has spent his $200 million net worth on the most sought-after collectibles. He has also gone beyond his lavish life to help the less fortunate through his organization. As the tennis athlete is nowhere near retiring, it won’t be a surprise to see the King Of Clay lift another trophy in future Grand Slam seasons.

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