Hooters waitress branded ‘ungrateful’ after sharing how much she makes on shift

Hooters waitresses have revealed how much they make in a four hour shift after they have worked their ‘bums’ off.

Ali posted a video to TikTok to share how much she can earn within hours – but she has been dubbed “ungrateful” by some users.

The blonde bombshell donned the skimpy Hooters uniform to explain how much she cashes in on a shift.

After serving her first couple of tables, Ali and her co-workers had already pocketed a good amount of money.

Ali’s blonde colleague first shared what she made in the short space of time.

Counting through the dollars she had been handed, the waitress made a whopping $294 (£219).

Ali then revealed what she had made so far.

For her first table, the petite waitress made $50 (£37) in tips.

But, she did not have so much luck with her second set of customers who handed her a measly $11 (£8) – Ali did not look too impressed with it.

She then got handed $20 ($14) and a further $10(£7) by an elderly couple.

Things began to pick up for Ali as she secured a $100 (£74) bill from a single man at the restaurant – and, Ali’s luck was in on this shift.

As a regular customer sent a huge $300 (£224) through cash transfer app Venmo which means Ali would not have to declare her tips.

She then made a further $70 (£52) in tips before her last customer made her “mad.”

Ali shared a receipt from a customer who at first was going to give her $10 – however they changed their mind, scribbled it out and gave her $5 (£3) instead.

The stunning American explained in the caption: “YES we are grateful we also work out [bums] off!”

In total, Ali racked up a huge $566 (£422) for a couple hours of work.

But after she posted the video, many people felt that she was acting ungrateful for the amount she received in tips.

One person commented: “Imagine making faces for getting a smaller tip baby, you should be happy you got that amount.”

Another person slammed: “I used to waitress and was grateful for even a $1 tip. It’s recommended to tip, but if you’re ungrateful of your tips maybe you shouldn’t be tipped.”

And, this user criticised: “Wow you seem very ungrateful for anything. $5, $2 you don't know if it was all they had DON’T judge, especially nowadays, be grateful for EVERYTHING you get.”

However, others felt that people were just ‘jealous’ of Ali and her tip making success.

One person shared: “People mad y’all making money.”

Someone else confessed: “At first I caught myself judging, then I realised I’m mega jealous of you! You're a stunning girl.”

Whilst a third person admitted: “Honestly I’d work at Hooters for the tips like they’re not that bad.”

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