Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for February 6

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You are wising up to why someone is feeling so strongly about a community issue. It may be where they live, their activities or relationships that are influencing their feelings. You need to consider this matter from your own perspective. Exciting ideas shared with friends will make for a stimulating day.


Even if you are feeling flush, financially, you will be careful with your cash. That’s why you might feel slightly annoyed by a housemate’s careless sending. If someone’s generosity needs pruning, you will diplomatically remind them that charity begins at home. A joint venture will be a success.


Helping to tackle a community matter is also something that personally holds a lot of importance for you. That’s why you will volunteer to help in whatever way you can. Planning new endeavours and channelling your energy into areas that mean something to you will keep you feeling motivated.


Even if you work full time, it doesn’t seem enough now to keep on top of everyday expenses. You might be considering borrowing until next month’s pay but you know this could cause future problems and ideally you would prefer to find a way to reduce expenditures.


Be patient with a workmate or neighbour who seems to be deliberately trying to prevent you from moving ahead with your plans and ideas. You know these will bring improvements for everyone. A close friend will give you the kind of encouragement other people are reluctant to give.


You’re doing your best to help your family through the cost of living crisis while keeping on top of your own finances. It may be necessary to point out that someone’s plans are just not affordable. They will agree to postpone ideas for another time.


If you are attending a test, audition or interview, the more confident you look, the better the impression you will make. A challenge will seem less daunting when you find yourself with people who are willing to help and support you.


Delays and some unexpected problems will cause you to doubt a recent decision. If you’re struggling to get into the swing of things it could be because you are in the wrong place or you have chosen the wrong activities. Ask yourself what you would rather be doing instead.


Taking risks will not appeal to you and this could surprise someone who knows how daring you can be. You can’t explain it but you would rather err on the side of caution. Trust your intuition. You will also prefer places where there is no conflict or contention.


You’re keen to try out a new work or domestic routine. It may not work as well as expected but it will be fun to give it a go. Besides, you might tweak things a little in order to make them work. A money transaction will have a lucky feel to it. You could receive some cash you hadn’t been expecting.


Pleasing progress will be made where your main aims are concerned. Your hard working efforts are starting to get results and a little boasting will not be out of line. Are you single and looking for love? Expect to be swept off your feet by a new admirer.


Even if it means locking yourself away at home for a short while and not telling anyone where you are, you are determined to get the quiet you now need. Solitude is bliss and you are starting to understand your own needs like never before.

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