Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for November 25

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A friend will want to meet up in person as they have some happy news to share with you. Their high spirits will rub off on you. Life will get more interesting as you take this chance to try out new ideas and dabble in new interests or hobbies.


Avoid taking on too much responsibility or this will keep you tied to obligations so much of the time that you will miss out on other more light-hearted diversions. You are overdue a break and should accept the chance to relax and have some fun.


If you’re unemployed and looking for a job or just thinking about a change in career direction, flexibility is key. Someone who once meant a lot to you who walked out of your life some time ago will return unexpectedly. It will be sensible to be wary.


In order to get the information you need, be prepared to make a few diversions to your schedule. It will be necessary for you to talk to people you don’t normally see and visit places you have not been to before. This is the only way you are going to find out more.


Normal service is resumed when a problematic project starts running more smoothly. At last everything has slipped neatly into place. Your boss or a senior colleague will ask you to check something out and this too could be of interest to you.


You’re worried about not being able to stick to your schedule when there is so much going on and a lot of this hadn’t been planned for. Bend with shifting circumstances. Your boss or another senior colleague needs to see that you can adapt to the unexpected.


A needy friend is starting to take advantage of your caring nature. You can’t be there for them at all hours of the night and day. There is a limit to how much help you can offer. Be firm with yourself and with them and stop allowing people to use you.


Some things just can’t be rushed. Accept that business and financial matters need to go through official channels before progress can be made. People won’t appreciate you trying to push or rush them when these are issues that do take time. Back off if you sense you are starting to annoy someone.


A friend is becoming more needy while you long for more space. Someone needs to be told that they don’t have to stick to you like glue. You’re ready to try something new and different or to just have some fun without thinking about the consequences.


The more intense you are about life, the more you are likely to miss out on having some fun. Someone in the workplace will get up to something to ease the boredom of routine. Even if a joke is played at your expense, you will see the funny side, eventually.


You will always try to make time for people who need you so don’t be surprised if a few friends turn to you for advice. There’s a happy blend between mixing and getting on with others and having workmates and neighbours seeking you out for your ideas, support and opinions.


You don’t want to let trivial misunderstandings come between you and a close friend or neighbour. Clear the air even if it means you must be the first to extend an olive branch. You can have different opinions but still treat each other with respect.

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