Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, September 2


You want to feel you are doing your bit to support a volunteer effort. Support, donations and practical assistance can change people’s lives. What you have done, what you are doing and what you are going to do more of is helping to highlight a special cause.


Refuse to get drawn into petty squabbles. Instead, keep focusing on the big picture. You’ve never stopped lately and the fact that you’re always feeling tired proves this. It is time to take a breather. Take this opportunity to let your loved ones’ pamper you.


Talks and discussions get results. This will help everyone reach a mutual goal. The organisers of a big social event will make a lovely gesture. Auctioning off some special items to support your local community will be a big success.


There will be a need to get in touch with an older relative. There is something you have to tell them and they aren’t going to like what they hear. Concerns about a legal or financial matter keep you awake at night. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions as you aren’t going to rest until you find the answers you need.


After some confusion which will be described by others as being chaotic and even traumatic you will manage to get back into your usual routine. A pile of neglected chores will make you grimace but someone has to get on with these and that someone seems to be you.


People will praise you for your effort. You handle responsibilities well and you will deal with your work in an efficient and productive way. What others do not realise is how all this hard work is starting to make you feel weary and restless. Dare you openly admit it?


Someone you work or live with will be in a secretive frame of mind. You can’t help but be curious as to why they are behaving so strangely. It would be better not to probe or pry. You might admit to being overly sensitive. A lack of sleep could be the reason for this.


A rival in the business world will make it clear they are peeved because you seem to be getting all the best opportunities. You have worked hard to build a good reputation for yourself. They might learn something useful by watching you.


Self-doubt could be your biggest enemy as you begin to tackle a task you have never carried out before. A lack of confidence doesn’t sit easily on your shoulders. For this reason, if you feel uncertain about anything, seek out the opinion of others.


A trip out will bring more pleasure than you are expecting so don’t turn down any opportunity to be on the move. Some good news from friends or neighbours concerning a community project could see you enjoying a small celebration.


You have watched a partner or relative go through some difficult times. You have seen them struggle in the past and now you are about to witness how successful they can be. Everything they do will seem to turn out well. You couldn’t be happier for them.


You and a partner have very different attitudes about many things. As hard as you have tried to find areas of agreement you just can’t seem to ever see eye to eye. Because of this you are ready to walk away from a relationship or arrangement that is making you miserable.

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