Hot Dogs, Wings and More! These Are America’s Favorite July 4th Foods

Happy birthday, America! July 4th marks the day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress, and as with many other holidays in the United States, it’s an excuse to kick back, relax and eat some tasty food.

In honor of the occasion, DoorDash, a nationwide food delivery app, has released a list of the most popular Fourth of July foods based on data from 2018. Not surprisingly, the ranking features grilled classics such as bacon cheeseburgers and hot dogs, but also boasts a handful of outliers, including garlic naan and tortilla chips.

Speaking of garlic naan, the Indian staple surprisingly nabbed the No. 9 spot on DoorDash’s list of most popular Independence day foods, thanks, in part, to an overwhelming demand for the seasoned bread in San Francisco. On the other end of the spectrum, bacon cheeseburgers took the No. 2 spot, falling just behind cheeseburgers made without bacon.

In the beverage department, soft drinks such as soda, seltzer or juice reigned supreme.

And even though it didn’t make the cut, “craft your own pizza” was the most popular selection in the nation’s capital – Washington, D.C. – in 2018.

Curious to see what other summer foods made the July 4 popularity rankings? Scroll down to find out!

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