How to clean a baseball cap

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How to clean a baseball cap

Baseball caps are one of those accessories to which people may not pay much attention.

The caps spend most of their time perched on our heads, meaning stains and marks go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, most types don’t fare too well in the dishwasher, leaving people to search for alternative methods.

Hat materials vary, so people should test the accessories with a dab of detergent or stain remover.

Apply a small amount to a less visible part of the cap, such as the underside, to check if it extracts colour or not.

Older caps may also have cardboard inserts for a bill, and people should avoid waterlogging them.

They should also steer clear of dishwashers and washing machines, as even gentle cycles could damage caps.

For a spot clean

Fill a sink with cool water and a few drops of laundry detergent.

Then dip the hat inside and mix it until some suds appear before letting it soak for five to ten minutes.

Finally, remove the hat, rinse any remaining suds off, and pat it down before letting it dry naturally.

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For stain removal

Well-worn hats will need a deeper clean than a few minutes in a sink, as they may have taken on several stains.

While wearing gloves, fill a sink once again and add a colour-safe bleach.

Then, dip the hat in the water and use a toothbrush and detergent to target any noticeable stains.

The hat will need soaking in the water for up to an hour (provided the rim isn’t cardboard).

Stains should have melted away by then, but the hat may need a little longer if they haven’t.

Afterwards, the hat will need to rinse and dry naturally.

The only drawback with this method is that the cap’s rim will need reshaping afterwards.

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