I earn £24k a month popping balloons with my bum – fans think its so hot

An influencer revealed her unusual way of raking in the cash – popping inflatables for people with balloon fetishes.

Daniella Motta, a content creator with more than 50,600 followers on Instagram, (@danimotta__ ), claims the unique business venture earns her around £24,000 a month.

The 21-year-old reportedly first began using the practice as a money-maker after one of her fans requested she play with a balloon by bursting it with her bum.

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The model thought it was a birthday request but soon realised that many people find these items sexually arousing. And she now pops more than 20 balloons a week for paying fans online.

She said: “The first time someone asked me to create content with balloons, I thought it was for a specific celebration. I thought they wanted me to say happy birthday or something.

“Then I received other very similar requests, that's when I understood that this was a fetish that really existed.”

This particular kink is known as inflatophilia, where a person gets sexual gratification through interaction with inflatables – from balloons to blow-up dolls or other adult toys.

This can also fall into the broader term of objectophilia or objectum-sexuality, which is a term used for people sexually or romantically attracted to inanimate objects.

She said: "Some [fans] ask me to caress the balloons and rub myself against them, others ask me to blow and pop them with the force of my hands. I take requests seriously, I respect each person's fetishes.

“[The first times I did it]. I received many views [on my videos] and guaranteed a very attractive financial return. I offered what they asked for and I don't regret it because I saw the reach and positive results I had.”

Daniella has recently shared a snap of herself sensually posing with a bundle of balloons on a bed, uploaded to Instagram, with the post racking up nearly 1,000 likes.

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She wrote to fans: “Have you heard of inflatophilia? Is it the inflatable fetish or the act of inflating. Believe me, I get a lot of requests to create exclusive balloon rehearsals for my platforms because people have interest, desire and pleasure to see.

“I dedicated an exclusive essay to inflatophiles and those who aren't too. Tell me if you already knew about this and if you have a little unspoken fetish to share here with people.”

Social media users have come out in droves to share their thoughts. One person said: “Beautiful beautiful hot," while another added: “The best,” followed by a fire emoji.

Someone else wrote: “You are very beautiful and cute in that little outfit," while another branded her "lovely".

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