I earn £4.3m by humiliating men with my giant body – they beg me to crush them

Alofty adult model claims to earn a staggering £4.3million a year by leveraging her giant height – and thirsty blokes are desperate to get “crushed” by her.

Marie Temara, 28, from Syracuse, New York, grew up towering over all the guys in school and was called names like “King Kong” because of her size. Fast forward more than a decade and the racy star has flipped her biggest insecurity to become her USP, and said she's earning a whopping $100,000 (£87k) per week by flaunting her 6ft 2in frame across the internet.

But Marie admitted it’s getting off her kit for guys withmacrophilia – a thing for women deemed to be giantesses – which really brings in the big bucks. And her die-hard fans are particularly fond of the thought of the brunette beauty squashing them.

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Find out how the Daily Star debunked Marie’s real height, here.

“It’s a lot of ‘pick me up’, ‘step on me’, public humiliation d**k-related humiliations. Making guys feel smaller, because I’m so big,” she told the Daily Star.

Some requests, however, are a little more kooky. “Some want me to pretend that they’re these small dolls,” Marie explained. “So I would buy these little tiny dolls and step on them and put them in between my toes and crush them.”

Coupled with her giant size comes a vast amount of strength and the model has been hitting the gym every day since she was a teen. “I go to the gym seven times a week, I’ve been doing so for 15 years,” she said.

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And her threats that she’d crush her fans might not be as empty as you'd imagine. She added: “I am really strong, I can pick up multiple men at once and throw them around. So I use that to my advantage.”

The controversial OnlyFans model, who attests to being the largest performer on the platform, caused a stir on social media by claiming that she was “7ft-tall”. Thankfully, your Daily Star debunked the myth and she admitted: “I’m about 6ft 2in and a half, 6ft 3in.”

Despite being a little more pint-sized than she claimed, the star is still much taller than the male average in the US of 5ft 9in.

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