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A HOMEOWNER spent £75,000 on renovations – only to discover crucial blunders by the bathroom fitters.

Emma said the cabinet was put in the wrong place TWICE – rendering it unusable – and then it was broken on the builder's third attempt.

There were also unresolved problems with the wall tiles and the heated towel rail.

"Our renovation has been one stuff up after another," Emma said on a Facebook group called Home Decorating Mums.

"It's been eight months of complaining from our end of continuous s*** work."

Emma, who lives in Australia, shared photos of the mirrored bathroom cabinet in a "completely non-functional space".

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The fitters had put it so low down above the sink that it was almost impossible to turn the tap on.

And the cabinet door bashed against the towel rail if it was opened all the way.

She said the builders had agreed to move it twice, and it was now held together with silicone after it cracked.

She said: "The builder still argues that the shaving cabinet is high enough but it needs to go more than one inch higher in my opinion as my grandchildren will be able to reach the cabinet.

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"Plus looks silly with low ceilings."

And she added: "They also messed up the wall by ordering feature wall tiles for the majority of the bathroom."

She appealed for help sorting out her many problems.

Some noticed the towel rail had a power cord trailing down instead of being wired into the wall.

One said: "I would not be paying for that – it's such a shame that you've spent all that money and are still unhappy."

Another said: "Why is the heated towel rail cord sticking out?

"Normally, an electrician would've wired the cord into the wall and added a switch onto the powerpoint or light switch."

Emma later added an update saying she had got another electrician in to help fix some of the problems.

She said: "He will put the towel rail cord through the wall and into the power point, which he will move over to where it use to be pre-reno.

"[Then] the towel rail can come up so the door of the cabinet can actually open."

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