I strip to my undies when I work from home – lingerie is comfy and sexy

A woman confessed she never wears trousers when she works from home as sitting around in her lingerie is comfy and sexy.

Sex writer Nadia Bokody is known for opening up about her experiences between the sheets, but now she's revealed one of her favourite personal habits.

Sharing a post on Instagram, the Australian revealed she likes to work in her knickers.

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Nadia made the cheeky confession as she promoted some products online where she boasts over 60,000 followers.

She was raving about vibrators and saucy lingerie that's good to wear around the house when you're working.

The writer said she sticks to a "no pants" policy when she's remote working as it makes her feel great.

Writing on Instagram, Nadia said: "POV: You’re a sex columnist taking calls during office hours.

"Okay, but seriously, y’all know I'm big fan of masturbation breaks, and @vush_official’s Myth vibe is one of my go-tos for targeted G-spot stimulation.

"But you might not know I’m an equally big advocate for observing a no-pants policy whenever I’m working from home, and @vush_official just released a super comfy, super sexy line of intimate apparel.

"(My fave set is the Make Me Feel racerback crop and G-string, which I’m wearing RN)."

In the picture she's seen wearing a white G-string and a white cropped vest top.

The little top is decorated with a cute red heart, and it looks like she's making the most of lounging around.

Since she made the saucy announcement many people liked the post, and several people commented too.

One fan told Nadia she could "make a paper bag look sexy".

Another noted: "Brings a whole new meaning to casual office wear, lol."

A third commented: "Seriously you look absolutely stunning."

Vush also replied, adding: "Officially in our no-pants party era."


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