I tried £25 heater fan and was surprised how it kept me warm in a cold room

With two weeks left till Christmas, the wintry weather has forced many of us to turn on the heating during cold snaps while many are struggling to pay energy bills.

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis suggested Brits should "heat the human, not the home" to minimise the extra costs on heating and electricity, according to Mirror. There are lots of winter warmers that people have found it helpful in keeping them warm and toasty at home.

Plug-in heater fans are perfect to use when you want to warm one room instead of the entire house. I've been testing Swan's vertical heater fan for a few days and wondering if it can heat the room while I work from a cold home.

With 2,000 watts of power, which is equivalent to operating small appliances like a toaster or a coffee maker, the Swan Vertical Fan Heater has two temperature modes and an adjustable thermostat.

The sleek design gives a retro radio look and it can stand either vertical or horizontal.

To operate the compact heater is easy, simply plug it in the socket and turn on the power. It instantly heated up a small room.

However, the heater can be a bit noisy because of the rattling sound.

I left it running for a few hours and every time I walked out and back to the room, I realised a temperature difference and was surprised how warm my room was thanks to the small heater.

I stopped using hot water bottles and blankets. Then I tested it in the living room and the performance, as expected, dropped due to the size of the space.

It didn't manage to crank up the heat in the living room and I had to sit closer to the heater to stay warm and in this case, I wished the cable was longer.

Another disadvantage of the small heater fan is the limited coverage. The heater has a single panel where the hot air comes out, but it doesn't oscillate, meaning the hot air only flows in one direction.

One shopper gave a four-star review and said: "Small and efficient, good for instant heat."

The easy-to-use controls have an adjustable thermostat so you can crank the heat up when its extra cold outside.

There are two heat settings to choose from, so youre in total control of your heating. So, whether you just want to take the chill off on a nippy winter morning, or get nice and cosy on a cool winter night the Swan vertical fan heater can do it all.


Another praised: "Lovely little heater, which is economical to use."

The Swan Vertical Heater Fan is available to purchase from B&Q, Dunelm or Robert Dyas for £24.99.

If you are looking for a more powerful plug-in heater, you can try Homcom oscillating heater fan with a 45-degree function.

For desktop heater fan, the De'Longhi Desk Electric Heater comes with two stylish colours and it's portable.

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