‘I was in a cult – they made me stay celibate and punished me over racy films’

An OnlyFans star who says she was part of a 'cult' has shared her disturbing experience with the organisation.

Cami Strella has seen a lot in her twenty-something years of life, however she said that joining a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business-based scheme, which ran its practices like a strict religious cult, still stands out as her most indelible learning experience to date.

She said the group operated by getting people to recruit others in order to directly sell products that may or may not be effective.

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However, it also had strict rules – such as staying celibate and not being able to watch porn.

"I was forced into celibacy and punished when I watched porn or did anything that was considered aberrant behaviour to them," shared Cami.

She added: "I once confessed to my upline (mentor) that I had broken my vows and was labeled a sex addict, sent to a ‘therapist’ who charged me $200 (£162) an hour to make me recite every person’s name I ever slept with to ‘break the ties’ with these people.

"I honestly couldn’t remember a lot so the sessions with her ended pretty quickly!"

Cami says she was 'ordered to approach at least five people a day' and have them meet with her over coffee so she could pitch their business, then give them a book to read.

If they read the book by their next meeting within the week, it was a green light; if they didn’t, she moved on.

"I was trained to seek out the most desperate and vulnerable with the goal of retiring early by recruiting enough people to financially support ourselves," she said.

"I found that same happy ending in adult entertainment… no pun intended!"

Cami says her brother recruited her in 2017 – but that she soon "learned just how extreme my mentors were".

She added: "Being around entrepreneurs and so much money really dazzled me; I gave up absolutely everything to pursue this, as I was inspired by all of the cars, private jets and travel my mentors participated in.

"After surviving a physical attack that nearly ended my life, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I packed my things, sold my car and moved far, far away."

Cami now works in the adult industry and says she feels much safer doing so.

"It's funny how outsiders tend to look down on the adult industry and deem it ‘unsafe’ and ‘exploitative’, but I've only ever felt unsafe with people outside of the industry," she said.

"As awful as this situation was though, I got quite the education in those two years; I learned everything I now know about business, development and finance through this organisation.

"If I hadn’t joined this cult, I wouldn't know what I know now about running a business!"


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