Illinois 3-Year-Old Survives Fall From Second-Floor Window, Found Dead of Hypothermia Next Day

She couldn’t get back inside the home.

A three-year-old Illinois girl has died of hypothermia after falling out her window.

Charlotte “Charlie” Handelman survived the fall from the second-floor window, but died when she was unable to get back inside.

Rock Island police received a 911 call just before 7AM on Tuesday morning, after the child was found unconscious outside her home.

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She was rushed to hospital, but pronounced dead there.

Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson determined the little girl had suffered bruising and a fractured skull from the fall, but that she was still alive; the preliminary cause of death he said was exposure to the cold.

“At this time there’s no evidence to indicate it’s nothing other than a terrible, horrific tragedy,” Gustafson told KWQC.

“It’s being investigated as nothing more than a tragic accident. She was a beautiful little girl.”

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