Im A Celebrity contestants are forced to stay up until 4am and banned from wearing watches

The I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! castle isn't exactly known for its luxuries, and its notoriously harsh living conditions are plain to see.

However, it's not just the surroundings that are out of the ordinary and even the hours of filming sound as they'd take some getting used to.

As if being thrown into outdoor, freezing living conditions isn't disorientating enough, it's now been revealed that the celebrities also are forced to adjust their body clocks around filming the show.

Former campmate Victoria Derbyshire has confessed, saying how the cast is expected to stay up until 4 am most nights.

While she says clocks and watches are banned, the cast has some idea of the time due to the running order.

The show is currently being filmed in Wales rather than Australia, there is no time difference, so the live trials take place late in the evening.

So by the time the camp is awarded their evening meals, it is around 1 am, and by the time they've eaten, it can be even closer to the following day.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: "Because it's filmed in the UK again this year, unlike in Australia, every night is a very, very late night – we didn't get to bed until three sometimes four in the morning (obviously we didn't have watches or 'phones, so those times are estimates).

"This is because the trial takes place after Ant and Dec have come into the castle, live, to announce who the public has voted for.

"That individual then goes off to do the challenge and often doesn't arrive back until midnight – 1 am.

"The food gets delivered sometime after that – which we then had to chop/wash/work out how to cook, before eating at 2.30 am-3 am."

The presenter was keen to add that the timing also guarantees the campmates are as hungry as possible, to ensure they try their best to win the stars.

Victoria said: "What I learned though from the whole experience is that when the pressure's on to win stars in order to feed your fellow campmates, you can make yourself do almost anything.

"The food: there's never enough of it."

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