Im called a "centipede" by trolls for my long torso – but I love how I look

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A woman with an long torso has hit back at trolls mocking her appearance, saying she "f***ing loves" how she looks.

Self-proclaimed "gym rat" Emmie, from New York, went viral after she showed off her natural build in a crop top and minuscule shorts.

She lip-lynced to the song "Lonely" by Akon while gyrating to the beats to flaunt her washboard abs.

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It wasn't long before viewers noticed Emmie's torso, with one troll saying she looked like a "gorgeous little centipede".

Another said: "Interesting build."

"Oh my God, you have the longest torso I have ever seen!" a third commented and another joked that her torso is so long that it "just keeps going".

But Emmie did get some fans who "would die" for a figure like her.

The 22-year-old revealed later that she might look tall in videos but she is actually 5ft 3in and loves how she looks.

"I'm a short stack, I have a long torso, we all know this, everyone's commenting on that, thank you very much," she continued.

"It makes me feel really good about myself.

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"But I have a long torso and I embrace and I f***ing love it. I also have short legs and a short stack, I also love that too.

"This might help you guys with seeing how short I really am, being a 5ft3in girl. Look at this door, I'm literally short.

"I go to the gym or at least I try to go to the gym five times a week, it will be an hour or 30 minutes, I'm still learning but I'm not a beginner."


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