I’m worried my friend’s wife will go crazy when she sees the size of my package on holiday nudist beach – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THERE’S a couple my wife and I have known since school days and soon we are all going on holiday together.

The problem is that there is a nudist beach near where we are staying and we are bound to go there.  We are all in our forties and the wife from the other couple always flirts with me. What will she do when she sees me naked?

The husband and I both go to the gym and I know from being in the showers that I’m much better endowed. His wife has often made it clear she’d like to go further with me but I am not interested.

I’m worried that her seeing my package will only increase her attraction.

DEIDRE SAYS: If she knows anything about sex she’ll know it’s skill and sensitivity that make for a great lover, not size.

You say you are not interested so you can  signal that with your reactions.

She will get the message that she’s crossing a line.

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