In-laws refuse to let unmarried couple, 28 and 29, share room in holiday row

A woman got into an awkward holiday spat with her boyfriend's parents after they refused to let the couple share a hotel room during a staycation.

The 28-year-old was furious when the in-laws disinvited her because every other room was booked and they are "very against non-married people sharing a room".

She has vowed to never to holiday with them again after their actions made her feel "like a child".

The woman shared her experience on the popular internet forum Reddit and found a lot of support among internet users.

Many were furious on the woman's behalf at the behaviour of the in-laws… and the boyfriend, pointing out he should have stood up for her.

Posting on Reddit, ‘skinnycigarette’ wrote: “My boyfriend (29) and I (F 28) have been together for nearly a year. We live separately and he comes to my house quite regularly.

“His family have organised a trip in September and I was invited at first, but recently told by his mum it seems I can't go anymore because 'there aren't enough bedrooms'.

“So apparently his parents are very against non-married people sharing a room, and it's looking like all bedrooms at the place they have booked are taken.”

The poster said the experience has made her feel like a child, and has claimed she never wants to go on holiday with them in the future.

She added: “My boyfriend said he has said this kind of thing to his parents before but as they're paying, so what can he do, which I do understand. But I told him in future, if that is always going to be the case, that I won't feel comfortable being on a holiday with them if they pay for it.

“I'm almost 30, have never been made to not share a bedroom with any boyfriend before, and it makes me feel like a child. He said this was upsetting to hear, and I told him it's upsetting that he doesn't stand up to his parents more.”

The thread received over 700 comments, with the majority backing the original poster, slamming the parents over the awkward situation.

One said: “You guys are nearly 30. If they can't handle the idea of you sleeping in bed with someone, they shouldn't expect grandchildren.”

Another added: “Yes that is just flat out rude! They should have figured out the logistics first then did the invites.”

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But other people are more concerned about the boyfriend’s behaviour, with one writing: “It is much more concerning that a 29-year-old man is such a doormat in the face of parental control. Is this the person you see yourself with?”

Another said: “If he can't stand up to his parents even though y’all are still dating, what makes you think it will get better if you decide to get married?”

Family holidays can be stressful and strained – but what would you do in skinnycigarette’s shoes?

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