Inside The Genius Business Mind Of NFL Star Russell Wilson

Wilson is going to his 11th NFL season. His career has been a true underdog story as he was not a first round draft pick and not regarded as somebody that could have star potential in his draft. If NFL scouts were asked on what they thought his career would turn out to be, the majority of them if not all would have said Wilson’s ceiling is a serviceable backup quarterback. He had to prove his worth as a quarterback and won the starting job in 2012. Since then he has become one of the best quarterbacks in the league being a key piece to the Seattle Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl championship and now the Denver Broncos. He is also starting to become a star in the business world as well.

The House of LR&C

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Wilson and his wife Ciara launch the fashion company The House of LR&C in 2020. The purpose of it is to put all of their fashion brands into one company all together Those include LIGA, Good Man Brand and Human Nation. LR&C is an acronym for love, respect and care. Alongside Wilson and Ciara, ex Starbucks and Lululemon executive is a leader for LR&C and currently has under 30 employees. Earlier this year, it was reported that their revenue has increased to about 70% more than the previous year and is worth eight figures.

They continue to go in the upward direction this year as they made a close on a $7 million convertible note offer. Several notable names back the company like Tim Armstrong, current CEO of Flowcode and former CEO of AOL, Gemo Wong, a former Nike executive, and the founder of Darco Capita, David Adelman.

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Why Not You Foundation

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Wilson and Ciara created the Why Not You Foundation in 2014 with their goal being counter poverty with education and inspiring the youth to become leaders. Seven years later, they decided to venture off into productions with their company and signed a TV and production deal and signed a film and TV deal with Amazon Studios to produce content. They stated their intention is “to inspire the world through storytelling around the world through storytelling.” The couple continued, “they’ve [Amazon Studios] quickly become one of the most exciting studios and entertainment have shown a strong belief in our vision to bring in inspiring stories to the world. We can’t wait to begin our work together.”

Through their organization, they were able to donate $2.7 million to Seattle’s Children. It has been regarded as one of the best children hospital in the world. The donated money will contribute to cancer research.

Comfortable in Different Settings

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Top of the businesses he’s involved in with his wife, he is the CEO and founder of west to east empire. You has interest in Luvo, which advocates for healthy eating along, juice press and is the senior editor of the Players Tribune. According to USA Today, his net worth at according to USA Today is net worth was $120 million in 2016. It has raised to about $15 million in the last five to six years with the potential of raising higher when hangs it up in the NFL.

Wilson’s former head coach Pete Carroll said, “he’s very capable and comfortable in a lot of different settings.” Carroll added, “he’s able to mix and spread around the different things that he’s pursuing and supporting or the businesses that he’s connected with. He can make sense of all.” CEO of Wheels Up and business associate, Kenny Dichter, referred to Wilson as “the classic multitasker.”

Fragrance Line

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In late 2020, him and Ciara launched their line R&C Fragrance Duo. The couple started working on their fragrance during beginning of the pandemic as it gave them more time to think and come up with ideas like this one. Ciara said, “we would have our little unique date nights at home and smelling our scents was really fun.” She added, “there was a lot of love put into the process” as her grandmother’s personal perfume collection was what inspired her. On the other hand, memories of Wilson seeing his father shaving and using cologne to get himself started for the upcoming day. Wilson and Ciara each have a unique scent to their fragrances and a lengthy combination to them. It costs $90 and portion of the profits made will go to the Why Not You Foundation. A lot of love was put into this fragrance not just as a way to pay homage to their family, but as a way to use the money for their organization that was created to help the youth who are currently in poverty.

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