Is Alton Towers closing down for good?

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Alton Towers will close for the next few weeks as the Government’s latest COVID-19 policies come into play, bringing the country back into restrictions not seen since the spring. Shops, gyms, leisure centres and more will have to close their doors until December 3 as officials attempt to blunt the impact of the second wave of COVID-19. While most locations have successfully prepared for the incoming measures, Alton Towers has ended up on the receiving end of rampant speculation on their position.

Is Alton Towers closing for good?

Alton Towers is a popular theme park and resort which counts on millions of customers a year to make a profit.

COVID-19 has deprived the resort of some of its vital custom, but it has not reported the kind of financial underperformance which would necessitate a full shutdown.

Despite media rumours surfacing today, Alton Towers has not shut indefinitely but will close “until further notice” with the rest of England.

In a notice on their site posted on November 2, they said the theme park, waterpark, hotels and spa would close from November 5.

They added they would remain so until “it’s appropriate to do so”.

The resort roundly rejected suggestions it would close indefinitely in a “closure clarification” update on Twitter.

The update read: “Contrary to some of the misleading reports in the media, Alton Towers is not closing indefinitely.

“Like all hospitality businesses, we very much hope to be able to reopen from December 3 to offer guests a fabulous Christmas visit.”

“However, we are unable to confirm that reopening date without further Government guidance and do not want to mislead our followers.

“Further updates will be posted on our website and social media channels.

“Thanks for your understanding, we hope to see you soon.”

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The Government’s latest coronavirus measures, which the Prime Minister revealed last weekend in a Downing Street press conference, will last from November 5 to December 2.

After this date, the restrictions expire, and the Government will have to choose whether to leave them or introduce a vote to have them back.

Speaking in the House of Commons today, the Prime Minister said he hoped the country would start to welcome back previously closed services by Christmas.

But he conceded it would depend on the situation by the expiration date.

He added people would also have to “do their bit” to remain nationally restriction-free.

When pressed by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, he said the R rate would dictate how the policy flows.

Sir Keir asked: “Will the lockdown end on December 2, come what may, or will it depend on circumstances at the time? People need to know that.”

Mr Johnson responded: “These autumn measures to combat the surge will expire automatically on December 2, and we will then, I hope very much, be able to get this country going again, to get businesses, to get shops going again in the run-up to Christmas.

“But that depends on us all doing our bit now to make sure that we get the R down. I have no doubt that we can.”

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