Jack Osbourne leaves fans 'repulsed' in video showing him hunting

Jack Osbourne sparks FURIOUS backlash from ‘repulsed’ critics after sharing video of himself HUNTING elk and deer with a bow and arrow during ‘first hunt’ of the season

  • Jack Osbourne, 37, posted the video of him on a hunting trip with friends 
  • Fans were outraged, many  declaring they are going to unfollow him 
  •  The TV host joked the ‘deer and elk’ were making fun of them as they hunted

Jack Osbourne has angered fans after revealing himself as an avid hunter while sharing an Instagram video of himself enjoying his ‘first hunt’ of the season’. 

Jack – the son of rock legend Ozzy, 74 and former music manager Sharon, 70 – posted the short compilation on his social media, documenting himself hunting with pals Josh Woolfe and Wallace Mattingly.

‘First hunt of the season,’ the 37-year-old captioned the video, which was taken in an undisclosed location. ‘Super tough terrain and I swear those damn deer and elk were making fun of us.’

The post showed a series of videos and photos of the trio throughout their trip, looking the part in head-to-toe camouflage.

Jack Osbourne angered some fans after revealing he enjoys hunting and recently went on a hunting trip with friends

The 37-year-old TV host’s video divided viewers, many of whom declared they were going to unfollow him for 

In most of the videos they were all holding weapons and carrying large backpacks as they trekked through the hunting ground.

Jack’s enjoyment for the sport shocked some of his  fans, who flocked to the comments section to share their distaste for his hobby – many declaring they were planning on unfollowing him immediately. 

‘Disgusting,’ one furious person wrote, with others agreeing writing: ‘gross.’ 

‘Sorry but I just have to unfollow,’ one now-ex-fan wrote. ‘ I know you don’t care but killing animals for sport is gruesome. So much for watching any TV shows you’re on. I really liked you and your family.’

‘Oh I’m so disappointed to see this,’ agreed another. ‘You come across as so kind and gentle.’

‘No offense, but I hope everybody missed their shots,’ another quipped, while one user announced he had ‘lost all respect,’ for Jack.

‘Hate this so much killing beautiful animals in their natural habitat!’ another commenter chimed in.  

One person then questioned why he had to post the video advertising his hunting.

‘I mean go hunting do you gotta advertise it on social media,’ a follower moaned. ‘Some of us that follow you don’t wanna see it.’

One person pointed out the irony in Jack’s chosen hobby given that his family has always made themselves out to be animal lovers, showing off their array of pets on social media – and previously on their infamous reality show, The Osbournes. 

‘I thought the Osbournes were animal lovers,’ one person wrote. 

The family have been vocal about their love of their pet dogs in the past, with Sharon and Ozzy strong advocates for pet rescue and support groups, even adopting multiple rescue dogs themselves.

Jack showed the trio walking around on their hunt for elk and deer through the ‘super tough terrain’

The trio looked the part as they hunted for elk and deer on their first hunting trip of the season

The TV star was seen carrying a bow and arrow to hunt the animals, much to the disgust of some fans who called the hobby ‘repulsive’

The Instagram reel has been viewed over 131,000 times with comments pouring in from followers, many of whom were disgusted

Not everyone was against his love of hunting, with Instagram users praising Osbourne.

‘Atta boy!!!! Provide for your family. Show them where their food comes from. I love this,’ an enthusiastic fan commented. 

 ‘Ignore the haters,’ advised another.

The father-of-four’s love of hunting is nothing new, with Jack previously taking to Instagram to show off his favorite guns and hunting weapons, as well as him at the shooting range.

Other old posts from Instagram showing he’s always been a fan of the sport, taking part in competitions and primarily appearing to hunt elk and deer, but other posts from a few years ago showing him hunting pigs and duck.  

It’s possible it’s a family affair. In June, Jack shared an old photo of himself and his Ozzy from when he was a child, both of them dressed in camouflaged and holding guns.

In another picture posted of him as a young child, he’s seen sitting on Ozzy’s shoulder  holding a tiny gun, jokingly writing: ‘I was even packin heat back in 89.’

Jack posted a throwback photo in June of him and Ozzy posing in camouflage holding guns

The TV personality has a long history of hunting, with posts dating back over 10 years showing off his favorite weapons o social media 

The father-of-four has always posted enthusiastically about his hobby

He enjoys spending time at the shooting range and has posted on Instagram about taking part in hunting competitions 

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The family-focused man appears to love the outdoors, often posting videos of his family outside enjoying nature, as often posts photos of himself and his children’s with their pet dogs.

The host of the paranormal show Portals To Hell shares three children with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly – Pearl, 10, Andy, six and Minnie, four, and a baby girl name Maple whom he shares with his fiancée Aree Gearhart.

HIs relationship with his immediate family is obviously important to Jack, who hosts a podcast with his parents and sister Kelly, 38 called The Osbourne Podcast.

Recently, fans of the family were recently left in hysterics after Sharon was shaded by Jack on the podcast about her plastic surgery enhancement ‘tune ups.’

‘I thought you had, like, a two or three year, like, tune-up. It’s like a car.’ Jack joked. ‘Every 5,000 miles, Mom goes in for a tune-up.’

70-year-old Sharon got in on the joke about her surgery habits, saying that ‘everybody needs it,’ referring to plastic surgery ‘tune ups. 

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