Jazz Jenning’s Ex-Boyfriend, Ahmir Steward, Supported Her Throughout Her Surgeries

Jazz Jennings fans, rejoice! The transgender teen’s reality TV show, I Am Jazz, comes back on Tuesday night for its sixth season on TLC. This season will feature Jazz’s gender confirmation surgery, according to E! News.

During the fifth season, viewers were introduced to Jazz’s boyfriend, Ahmir Steward, who supported her through her transgender journey.And although it appears the couple has since broken up (according to Radar Online, the split happened in April 2019), they’re still friends.

Here are five things you need to know about Ahmir.

Jazz and Ahmir met thanks to YouTube.

According to InTouch Weekly, Jazz shared her email with her YouTube subscribers, and Ahmir reached out. They met while she was in his hometown of Philadelphia.


“Something compelled me to reply and he just seemed very sincere in the message and it all just blossomed from there,” she said. As far as their IRL meeting goes, Jazz explained, “Ahmir and I met in Philly at the Transgender Health Conference… And since then, we’ve just kind of formed this bond. We are talking and keeping in touch every single day.”

He identifies as non-binary.

Some I Am Jazz fans have speculated that Ahmir is trans, but he has never addressed it. Instead, he identifies himself as non-binary. In an Instagram post, he described this gender identity as: “‘Non-binary’ is a gender identity under the transgender umbrella. Someone who is non-binary does not identify as exclusively male or female (also known as the gender binary) and does not identify as the gender assigned to them at birth.” This is me. @lachrwatson is MY idol.”


He’s a mental health advocate.

If you follow Ahmir on Instagram, you’ll notice a lot of his posts are about mental health and mental health awareness. He has link to two mental health accounts, @sadboysorg and @sadgirlsclub, which offer inspirational mental health help.


His mom had an issue with them dating.

According to InTouch Weekly, Ahmir’s dad was on board, but his mom wasn’t.

“My mom is not actually as accepting as I originally thought she would be,” Ahmir shared in an episode of the show. “She didn’t acknowledge you for who you were,” he told Jazz. “She would say ‘he’ and ‘that’s a man because he was born a man.’”

He went on to say, “The most hurtful thing my mom said was that Jazz was still a man and that I would be gay for being in a relationship with Jazz,” the Pennsylvania native shared. “[I] lost it because I’m not gay. I’m not attracted to men. And Jazz is a female, so it just didn’t make sense to me.”


While talking with Jazz, he admitted, “[My mom] might not let me back in the house, to be honest. …That’s just how she is. And I’m very outspoken. So yeah, that could potentially lead to me, I guess, being kicked out of the house or whatever else.”

He appears in the sixth season to support Jazz’s third surgery.

Jazz will undergo her third gender confirmation surgery in the new season, and not without complications. Thankfully, she had Ahmir for emotional support. (Jazz had her first gender-confirmation procedure in June 2018.)

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