Julia Fox Creates 'Dress' Made From Handpicked Leaves: 'Anything Can Be Clothes'

"I'm obsessed with leaves."

Julia Fox has gone viral for her wild and creative DIY looks in the past — and her latest piece might be the most impressive yet.

On Saturday, the actress took to TikTok to unveil her “Fall 2022 dress:” a two-piece ensemble made out of handpicked leaves, resin and chains. And like Fox, we too, are “obsessed.”

The 32-year-old “Uncut Gems” star posted a video in which she detailed the process behind the making of the fall-inspired piece.

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“Hey guys, so I’m obsessed with leaves and I go to the park every day. So I’ve been seeing the leaves change and I just got really inspired,” Fox said in a voiceover. “And then I called my BFF Emma, who is an artist and a resin master.”

“We cleaned off the leaves and then she started mixing the resin together and we were gonna freeze these leaves in time. So we just paint them really quickly before it oxidizes,” she continued, explaining the footage of Emma painting the colorful yellow, orange, red and green leaves. “And then we just kind of like made a little makeshift rack out of poster board and let them all sit there to dry.”

The model also noted how much she loves leaves, saying, “The leaves are so pretty and leaves are so important,” she said. “Like, they just rake them up and blow them away. But it’s really tree food, and you know, bug food.”

Fox went on to reveal some “cute” leaf earrings they made out of mulberry leaves before she then showed footage of how she put together the leaf-covered “boob cup” with a hot glue gun. To turn the cups into a bikini-style top, the Milan-born star said she and her friend “used chains and hooks to hook them altogether through the loop of the stem.”

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Fox then unveiled the “test run” of the top, which featured the leaf cups with her toned tummy on display. “I kind of want it to be, like, body jewelry more than, like, clothing, you know what I mean?” she explained. “Oh, then we want it to make it look like the leaves were falling since it is the fall 2022 dress.”

Alongside the top and earrings, Fox also rocked a — very short — matching skirt made out of resin leaves and chains. Revealing the “final” look, she said, “I’m kind of obsessed with it. I don’t know if it’s really wearable ’cause my booty was all out in it, but I’m obsessed with it and it was really a labor of love.”

“There she is,” Fox continued over more footage of her posing in the outfit. “And I love the little like shoulder thing. I love the chains. I don’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with it.”

The star ended the clip by leaving a message for her fans, saying, “Anything can be clothes, ladies. And now that we’re entering some — we are in dark times — we all need to learn how to be crafty.”

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“I present to you the FALL 2022 dress!!! Thank u @emmafujiko my brilliant sis who helped me turn my vision into reality ♥️,” Fox captioned the TikTok video.

The Milan-born star also posted the video on Instagram, captioning her post, “THE FALL 2022 DRESS. Made from leaves and resin thank u @emmafujiko for helping me bring my vision to life ♥️.”

It didn’t take long for fans to react to the leaves dress, with many users taking to the comments section of her TikTok and Instagram video to share their thoughts. Fox even became a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday morning.

“giving adam & eve a run for their money,” a fan joked, while another quipped, “One time Julia Fox made a dress out of leaves so I made a dress out of leaves 🍁.”

“We never had a celebrity like Julia. 🍁🍂♥️,” another user said of Fox, who fans also praised as an “innovative queen,” “THE TRUE MESSIAH” and “beyond epic.”

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