Kate Middleton goes land yachting with Prince William at St Andrews

Blow me away! Kate Middleton dons her trusty Barbour jacket and Chloe boots to go land yachting with Prince William on West Sands Beach at St Andrews

  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined young carers to go land yachting on West Sands Beach, St Andrews
  • Kate Middleton dressed down in a Barbour jacket and Chloe boots

The Duchess of Cambridge dressed down in jeans and practical boots as she joined Prince William for a land yachting session in St Andrews today.

Kate, 39, wore her favourite Barbour jacket and See by Chloe boots as she and William, 38, sped along the shoreline at West Sands Beach. 

Land yachting, also known as ‘sand yachting’ or ‘land sailing’, involves steering a low, four-wheeled vehicle similar to a go-kart that is powered by the wind.  

Competitive Kate was up for the challenge and beamed as she shot off down the beach. At one point she and William came close to colliding, prompting giggles from the couple.  

The royal couple were joined by a group from Fife Young Carers, which helps young carers maintain their wellbeing through a range of outdoor activities, workshops, and residential trips.   

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sailed down the sand at West Sands Beach, St Andrews, this morning

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dressed down in jeans, jackets and boots for the land yachting session. At one point Prince William placed a hand on his wife’s back (right)

The Duchess of Cambridge dressed down in jeans and practical boots as she joined Prince William to try her hand at land yachting today

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a cap pulled down over her hair (left). Right, the royal learns more about Blown Away

The Duchess of Cambridge beamed at Prince William as they prepared to set off on their land yachts

Yesterday William and Kate spent several hours in Orkney after travelling from the Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh, where they are staying while carrying out a week of engagements in Scotland.

The visit is part of a broader royal charm offensive to help persuade Scotland to resist the demands of nationalists for independence.

The couple’s first stop was Balfour Hospital, which opened its doors in 2019 and replaced the old hospital, which had served the community for 90 years.

The new facility has enabled the repatriation of many NHS services from the Scottish mainland, allowing Orkney’s population to receive most of their healthcare at home. 

The new building’s circular design is based on the 5000-year-old Neolithic settlement, Skara Brae, making it a unique reflection of the local landscape in which many historical sites are circles.  

Afterwards the couple stopped off at local family, the Bichans, to hear more about life in Orkney over a cup of tea.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went for practicality over style in choosing their outfits for the beach enagement

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked on at a group of young carers taking part in the land yachting

The royals sat outside on socially distanced garden furniture while chatting to the family. 

The final engagement of the day was the European Marine Energy Centre – the only accredited wave and tidal test centre for marine renewable energy in the world. 

During the visit William and Kate heard more about EMEC’s role in tackling climate change and supporting the UK’s green recovery, from marine renewable energy generation to green hydrogen production and distribution.

The Duke and Duchess also visited the fuel cell and hydrogen storage trailers at Kirkwall Pier, which take locally produced hydrogen and reconvert it back to electricity, before heading out to sea to see the world’s largest tidal energy turbine.

The couple were shown how the turbine works and were given a cup of whisky to bless the machine. 

Their visit to Scotland is understood to be part of a wider strategy to emphasise the ‘cultural bonds’ between Scotland and the rest of the union. 

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